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21 June 2019

As you may already know, our most recent release includes a new DropDownButton widget - an action button that activates a drop-down menu when clicked.

DevExtreme Drop Down Button

At first glance, this new DropDownButton may seem similar to our existing SelectBox widget. However, SelectBox is an editor with different visual elements.

You can use the new DevExtreme DropDownButton widget across multiple usage scenarios, including:

Simple Drop-Down Menu

The most common usage scenario for this widget is to create a simple dropdown menu that can be activated with a button click. While the SelectBox can be used for this as well, it is designed for selection and not for navigation or actions (SelectBox requires that you add a field template with two additional icons). DropDownButton includes this usage scenario out-of-the-box:

DevExtreme DropDownButton - Drop-Down Menu

Create a simple drop-down menu with a few lines of code:

 text: “Download DevExtreme Trial”,
 icon: “save”,
 items: ["Trial For Visual Studio", "Trial For All Platforms", "Package Managers"],
  onItemClick: function(e){
   // perform your actions on item click

Split Button

Another popular scenario for the DropDownButton is to use it for split or separated buttons: the first for an immediate action and the second to open/close the widget. For example, the main button can link to a user’s profile page and the second can be used to activate a menu with pre-defined options.

DevExtreme DropDownButton - Split Buttons

Use the following code to implement split buttons:

       items: [
          {id: 1, name: "Profile", icon: "user"},
          {id: 4, name: "Messages", icon: "email", badge: "5"},
          {id: 2, name: "Friends", icon: "group"},
          {id: 3, name: "Exit", icon: "runner"}
       splitButton: true,
       onButtonClick: function(e){
           DevExpress.ui.notify("Go to " + e.component.option("text") + "'s profile", "success", 600);
       onItemClick: function(e){
           DevExpress.ui.notify(, "success", 600);
       text: "Sandra Johnson",
       icon: "images/gym/coach-woman.png",
       displayExpr: "name",
       keyExpr: "id",
       useSelectMode: false
Note: SelectBox is a flexible component and its field template can be customized with event subscriptions to address this usage scenario as well. The ultimate goal of our DropDownButton is to reduce such UI related code so you can focus your efforts on business logic.

With Custom Templates

SelectBox does not allow you to use custom content within its popup but DropDownButton does. This feature will help you create such things as custom color pickers or to place multiple widgets inside dropdown content. Use the dropDownContentTemplate if you wish to employ custom styles that differ from those we ship with the widget. If your widget contains a list, you can use an itemTemplate. This option will save you time since you need not fully customize content.

DevExtreme DropDownButton - Custom Templates DevExtreme DropDownButton - Custom Templates

Embed in ToolBar

DropDownButton can be easily inserted into a ToolBar (use the “text” stylingMode for this purpose). See our online demo for more information on this option.

DevExtreme DropDownButton - Toolbar

DataSource Support

Though it’s not a common usage scenario for a DropDownButton widget, you can load items from a remote data storage via the widget’s dataSource option. Our widget supports all DevExtreme data stores and works well with asynchronous data.

Test It Today

If you would like to test-drive this feature, use our npm package:

npm install --save devextreme@19.1

What do you think?

Please tell us what you think about this new widget and what additional functionality you require.

Watch the Webinar

To learn more about all JavaScript related features introduced in our v19.1 release, please watch our "New in v19.1 - DevExtreme HTML / JS Controls" webinar.

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