DevExtreme Data Grid - New Excel Export API (RTM in v20.1)

We are days away from official launch of our next major update – v20.1
As you may know, our JavaScript Data Grid (for Angular, React, Vue and jQuery) will soon ship with a new Export to Excel API - A fully client-side data export programming interface based on the ExcelJS. This new API offers total control and allows you to customize exported data as needed.

What’s New
Let’s walk through a few usage scenarios you can incorporate into any Angular, React, Vue or jQuery app:
  • Our new exportDataGrid API allows you to use the customizeCell callback and fully control value, display format and appearance of individual exported cells. Within this callback, you can access the original DataGrid Cell object to implement WYSIWYG or custom Excel Cell appearance.
  • The DevExtreme DataGrid can now export banded header cells and mirror original configuration.
  • ‘Alignment’ and ‘wrapText’ (for DataGrid source cells) are now applied to exported Excel cells. Group, Header, Group Footer, and Total Footer cells are exported using bold highlighting.
  • DataGrid cell format is now applied to exported Excel cells. You can specify a custom format when necessary.
  • You can now export DataGrid cell images into your Excel worksheet.
  • You can now enable built-in Excel column filters using the new autoFilterEnabled option.
  • A new status panel is automatically displayed until export operations are complete. Use the LoadPanel configuration option to customize the status panel.

Take a Tour

To demonstrate all these features in greater detail, we’ve created a video overview and posted it to our YouTube channel. Please feel free to share this link with your colleagues.
A couple of quick notes...
We expect to offer this new API for both our DevExtreme PivotGrid and TreeList components. Once we finalize development plans (based on answers to the survey question below), we’ll share them here.
As of this moment, we have not included support for Master-Detail export. Detail Rows are rendered via developer generated custom HTML templates. No generic solution currently exists for this usage scenario. 


Your feedback is important. Please take a moment to answer the following question so we can fine-tune this feature going forward.

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