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DevExpress Reporting – 2020 Roadmap
DevExtreme - Data Grid - New Excel Export API Update (CTP in v19.1)
Reporting - Export Report Groups To Separate Excel Sheets
DevExtreme - Data Grid - Excel Data Export Enhancements
DevExtreme - Data Grid - New Excel Export API (CTP in v19.1)
Reporting - Troubleshooting Excel and CSV Export
DevExtreme DataGrid – Excel Data Export Customization Enhancements (v18.2)
WinForms Pivot Grid: Excel Inspired Filtering and Conditional Formatting (v17.2)
WinForms and WPF Spreadsheet Control - Conditional Formatting Enhancements and Rotated Text Support (Coming soon in v17.1)
WinForms TreeList Control - Enhanced Data Filtering (Coming soon in v17.1)
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