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04 June 2020
As you may know by now, our major update (v20.1) ships with a new Multiline Toolbar option for the DevExtreme HTML/Markdown Editor. When used, the HTML/Markdown Editor arranges its toolbar items across multiple lines based upon available space width. New lines can be added/removed automatically when a user resizes their web-browser's window or changes to a mobile device orientation.


You can enable or disable our Editor’s Multiline Toolbar Mode via the new toolbar.multiline option:
    toolbar: {
        multiline: true
Note: We enabled this new mode by default, since it improves overall usability. If you wish to rollback to our old Overflow Menu Mode, simply set the toolbar.multiline option to ‘false’. Please refer to the following ticket for more code examples: T873435 - HTMLEditor - Multiline toolbar mode is used by default.

Further Enhancements

We are currently considering improvements to toolbar item group configuration and associated behaviors. We may introduce a simplified configuration API and allow you to move grouped items together to a new line. We are looking forward for your thoughts on this. Please comment below at your convenience.


Please visit our updated Widgets Gallery and test-drive the new Multiline Toolbar Mode and let us know what you think. If you have any questions or suggestions, please take part in our HTML Editor discussion on GitHub: HTMLEditor - Multiline Toolbar.

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