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Integrate the DevExtreme JavaScript HTML Editor into a WinForms Application
DevExtreme HTML/Markdown Editor – Enhanced Table Support and Soft Line Breaks (v21.2)
ASP.NET Core, WebForms, & MVC - 2021 Roadmap
DevExtreme HTML/Markdown Editor – Multiline Toolbar (v20.1)
DevExtreme - HTML Editor - Mentions (v19.1)
ASP.NET HTML Editor - Import, Export, and Pasting
ASP.NET HTML Editor - Enhancements (v15.1)
ASP.NET Word-Inspired Rich Text Editor (Preview release coming soon)
ASP.NET HTML Editor - Improved Toolbar (coming soon in v2010 vol 2)
ASP.NET HTML Editor Performance Improvements (coming soon in v2010 vol 2)
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