DevExtreme DataGrid & TreeList - Pager Enhancements and New Data Editing API (v21.1)

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09 July 2021
In this short blog post we'll review both data Pager and data editing API-related enhancements introduced in our v21.1 release cycle. Should you have any technical questions related to items covered in this post, please submit a support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center. We will be happy to follow-up.

Data Editing API Enhancements

Our new insert/update/delete Data Grid API (available as a CTP in v20.2) has been released officially. We detailed the benefits of this API in the following blog post:
One feature that our previous blog post did not mention is the ability to insert a new grid record at a custom position. This option is now available as a CTP in our v21.1 release. Review the following discussion page for more information:

Pager Enhancements

Control Display Mode

As you may know, our Pager offers both full and compact display modes. In full mode, the DevExtreme Pager displays detailed page information. In compact mode, users can navigate to a specific page by entering the appropriate page number.
The DevExtreme Pager selects Display Mode based upon available screen space. In previous versions, you could not control this behavior. Thanks to your feedback, v21.1 includes a new displayMode property and allows you to control the Display Mode used within your app:


  <dxo-pager displayMode="compact">
  <!-- or -->
  <dxo-pager displayMode="full">


  <DxPager display-mode="compact" />
  <!-- or -->
  <DxPager display-mode="full" />


  <Pager displayMode="compact" />
  {/* or */}
  <Pager displayMode="full" />


  pager: {
    displayMode: "compact"
    // or
    displayMode: "full"

Show All Records

If you’ve used the DevExtreme Pager within a project, you may be familiar with our Page Size Selector. This element is used to change the number of grid records within a single page. With our v21.1 release, Page Size Selector now includes an "All" option. When selected, "All" displays all underlying records on a single page.
As you might expect, this feature allows users to disable or circumvent traditional data pagination. Since this may cause performance degradation on extremely large datasets, we made this new feature optional. To enable it, simply include the value "all" within the allowedPageSizes array.


If you’ve already used the features outlined in this post, we’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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Engº Bruno Marques
Bruno Marques
Nice, more properties the better.
12 July 2021
Leontiev Alexey
Leontiev Alexey
how do I swap the left with the right?
19 July 2021
Leontiev Alexey
Leontiev Alexey
how do I swap the left with the right?
19 July 2021
Roman T. (DevExpress)
Roman T. (DevExpress)

Hi Alexey,

You can change the layout of paging elements with CSS. For instance, you can swap the Pager and the Page Size Selector as shown in the following example: Data Grid Pager - Alternative Layout.

Should you have further questions, we'll be happy to answer them in our Support Center.

21 July 2021

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