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Blazor Rich Text Editor for Word, RTF, and Text document editing (available in v21.1)
WPF Scheduler – On-Demand Data Loading
Reporting — Avoid Mistakes in Report Creation with The Help of Report Design Analyzer (v21.1)
DevExtreme DataGrid & TreeList - Pager Enhancements and New Data Editing API (v21.1)
Reporting — Row-Level Security in Multi-User Applications with the DevExpress Web Report Designer (v21.1)
Reporting — Enhancements, Documentation Updates, Tips & Tricks (April-May 2021)
PDF Document API - Form Field Enhancements and Facade API (v21.1)
Popup for Blazor - Appearance Customization, Multiple Windows, Custom Size and Alignment, and more (v21.1)
WPF Data Grid – Bind to a gRPC Service
.NET Spreadsheet (WinForms, WPF, Office File API) – Export and Copy Cell Ranges as Images (v21.1)
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