DevExtreme UI Components (v22.2) — API Enhancements (Angular, React, Vue, jQuery)

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22 June 2023

Though we just released v23.1, I want to summarize a few important DevExtreme-related features we shipped in our previous major update (v22.2).

Should you have any questions about the features/capabilities outlined in this post, please submit a support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center.

Hide/Display API Enhancements

The 'cancel' parameter in the onShowing/onHiding events now supports Promise type, allowing you to execute an asynchronous action before a component is displayed or hidden.

This enhancement is available for the following UI components:

Show/hide methods now return a Promise object, which is resolved once the operation is completed. This Promise is rejected if the operation is cancelled.


const popup = $("#popup") 
        onShowing: (e) => { 
            e.cancel = confirm("Cancel showing?"); 
    text: "Show", 
    onClick: () => { 
            .then(() => { 
                alert("Show promise is resolved"); 
            .catch(() => { 
                alert("Show promise is rejected"); 

Slider & Range Slider — Value Change Mode

Previously, Slider and RangeSlider component values changed immediately whenever users moved the slider’s handle. Our new valueChangeMode option allows you to select a different mode: values change only on handle release.

Slider's value change mode is on handle release

Slider Demo | RangeSlider Demo



SelectBox and TagBox — Additional Events to Submit Custom Items

Previously, our SelectBox and TagBox could only create new items when users pressed the Enter key. This default behavior has been changed: items are created both on Enter key press events and when the component loses focus. You can assign a DOM event to the customItemCreateEvent property to change the event raised when a new item is created.


<dx-select-box ... 

VectorMap — Control Panel Customization

You can now change the visibility of the VectorMap control’s bar elements: pan control and zoom bar. Use the panVisible and zoomVisible properties for this purpose.

View Demo


<DxVectorMap ... > 

Data Visualization Components — Adapt to Container Resize

With our v22.2 release, Charts, Gauges, and Maps are automatically redrawn whenever container size changes.

Chart adapting to container resize

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