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Reporting — Tagged (Accessible) PDF Export Enhancements (v23.2)
DevExtreme (v23.1, v23.2) – TypeScript Enhancements (Angular, React, Vue)
Blazor — Accessibility Enhancements and Options
Spreadsheet Document API, Spreadsheet Controls (Win and WPF) — Chart Enhancements (v23.2)
Reporting — Display Page Watermarks by a Condition (v23.2)
DevExtreme (v23.1, v23.2) — Accessibility Enhancements (Angular, React, Vue, jQuery)
DevExtreme — Data Analysis & Visualization Enhancements (v23.1)
XAF (Blazor UI) 2023 Highlights — 5 Unique Web Features Designed to Rival Windows Desktop Solutions
DevExtreme UI Components (v23.1) — API Enhancements (Angular, React, Vue, jQuery)
Populate PDF Forms with the DevExpress Office File API (Using .NET MAUI Edit Forms Generated on the Fly)
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