DevExtreme DateRangeBox Component Released (v23.1)

DevExtreme Team Blog
31 August 2023

As you may already know, we officially released the DevExtreme DateRangeBox widget for all supported JavaScript frameworks including Angular, React, Vue and jQuery.

DateRangeBox component

This new control allows end users to select a date range. The component inherits features from our DateBox component: masked input, flexible popup and calendar customization, input label/styling modes, etc.


You can use one of our predefined formats or specify a custom format as needs dictate.

DateRangeBox with custom format input

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Popup and Calendar Customization

Our DateRangeBox allows you to customize calendar appearance and switch between a single-month and two-month drop-down calendar.

To specify a single view, disable the multiView property. Use the calendarOptions property to customize calendar appearance/behavior.

DateRangeBox with single view

You can also disable date selection before the start date and after the end date. To do so, assign trueto the disableOutOfRangeSelection property.

DateRangeBox with disabled out of range selection

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