DevExtreme — UI Template Gallery Update (v23.1)

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19 October 2023

As outlined in a previous blog post, v22.2 shipped with our new UI Template Gallery for Angular, React, and Vue. This new UI Template Gallery contains multiple responsive UI templates you can use as a starting point for your business application. Templates include CRM-like layouts, dashboards, authentication forms, and more.

In this post, we'll take a look at UI Template Gallery-related updates we introduced in our v23.1 release cycle.

Scheduler View

v23.1 includes two new Scheduler views. The Scheduler view is an all-in-one event scheduling solution. The view incorporates our customizable Scheduler and Calendar components. Available features include: 

  • Day / Work Week / Month / Agenda Views
  • Creation and Editing of Events (Appointments)
  • Option to Show or Hide Calendars

Scheduler month view

Scheduler week view

Note: When you select the Month view, a task panel appears on the right.

Angular | React | Vue

User Profile View

We used our Form component to create a new user management (User Profile) view.

User Profile View dark

This view consists of three Forms, using data from one object. You can edit all Forms simultaneously and cancel and save data across all three Forms.

Angular | React | Vue

Light and Dark Theme Switcher

The DevExtreme UI Template Gallery ships with a new theme switcher. You can use it to switch between our light and dark theme as requirements dictate.

Theme switcher

Authentication Forms

We improved the functionality and design of our "Sign-In" and "Change Password" forms. These forms now include a "show password" option and several OAuth login buttons. You can review these forms on our Authentication Template Gallery page.

Authentication forms

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