Wrapped up SD West

Just wrapped up SD West. Presented two sessions there, both with medium-sized rooms filled, with an estimated 200-250 people in each room.


First session: WPF Internals; second session: Science of Great UI.


In the WPF Internals session, in response to audience participation, a great deal of code was churned out by hand at high speed (using CodeRush and Refactor! Pro), and several attendees approached after the session and mentioned they were totally blown away by the speed, adding that it was so fast they could barely follow, and they had never seen anything like it before. If you're not familiar with the coding efficiency made possible by these products, take a look at the video of Kim Major creating an email application from scratch in about 12 minutes in both VB and C# (click the "Coding Model-View-Presenter with CodeRush and Refactor Pro" link on this page).


SD West is also home to the Jolt Awards, and this year CodeRush and Refactor! Pro earned a Jolt Productivity award from the judges in the category of Best Development Environment.

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