String Dictation in CodeRush for Visual Studio

CodeRush Voice features include a powerful voice-to-text dictation engine available in C# strings.

String Dictation features are triggered with the right Ctrl key. Make sure you've set up voice features first.

Also available:

String dictation features let you automatically include intelligent code references (for example, a reference to an in-scope symbol or perhaps a simple expression inside an interpolated string).
To start voice dictation inside a string, hold down the right Ctrl key and start speaking. Release the Ctrl key when you are done.
To reference code while dictating, hold the Alt key down (while keeping the Ctrl key down) as you say the code references or simple expressions. Release the Alt key when you have completed your code reference (wait to release the Ctrl key until you have finished dictating). You can insert multiple code references inside a single dictation (just hold the Alt key down while referencing code expressions and release for normal spoken dictation).
For example, consider the following method:

Let's write the value of time1 to the Console. To do this, press the right Ctrl key and speak the following, holding down the Alt key when saying the bolded/highlighted words:

"name of time one is time one"

Notice for the words spoken when the Alt key was down, CodeRush mapped those spoken words to the time1 parameter, and inserted the appropriate nameof call.

The Ctrl key is held down for the entire dictation. The Alt key is held at the start because we're starting with a code reference, but the Alt key is only needed when you say words referencing code outside the string.

You can also reference simple expressions in strings. For example, consider the following method:

Here, let's show that the total of the two numbers equals their sum.  Press the right Ctrl key and speak the following, holding down the Alt key when saying the bolded/highlighted words:

"num one plus num two equals num one plus num two"

More Voice Features

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