INETA User Group Tour Wrap-up

Just got back from presenting the Science of Great UI at three INETA user groups (Victoria BC, Vancouver BC, and Milwaukee, WI). In Vancouver my machine (built by unsupervised monkey children in a garage at Alienware) refused to connect to the projector, and I ended up borrowing Richard Campbell's machine for the demo (thanks Richard for telling that great story while I transferred slides and demo files over to your machine).

Good crowds in all three locations, with somewhere between 300 and 400 people showing up in Milwaukee (and about 20 minutes of inspired questions).

This session will be presented at least two more times this year -- once at DevConnections in Orlando, and a second time at TechEd in Orlando. And Dev Express is likely to record and host a version of this session.

For devs who cannot see the session in person, I just finished recording part one of a two part audio series on the Science of Good UI for Dot Net Rocks. I expect that to come out soon.

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