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29 May 2008

(but pronounced Mark Miller)

Introductory Videos Just Went Up. We're like kids in the candy store now that we got our new video camera.

I keep telling everyone around here that we finally have everything we need to break into the porn industry, but NOOOOO, they just want to spend time recording videos introducing our people and showing off our products.


See if I care.

So we recorded some videos -- our slightly hipper version of those semi-awkward "Hi, My Name Is ____" name tags they make you wear at parties that you don't want to be at.

Vids are broken into five luscious morsels of wholesome chocolatey goodness:

So, two things I notice when I watch these videos:

#1: I am now officially an Old Man.
#2: Compelling urge to beat the crap out of myself.

Let me know what you think. :-)

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Tarik Souirji

Interesting set of videos.

Yep, go ahead and shave it all off  ;)

30 May, 2008
Grant Levy

You mentioned that you were thinking about committing to shaving it all off.  As someone who did just that, let me tell you it is a commitment.  If you want to maintain that silky smooth look, you're gonna be committing to re-shaving every day or two.  Consider that vs. how often you currently get a haircut.  But it can make you look younger.  :)

Oh, and your cracking voice reminds me of the teenage clerk they have on the Simpsons.

Keep up the great work on CR/R! but please try to get releases out a little more often.

30 May, 2008

Great job on the videos!  Wow, they are really improving in quality (Jeff/Gary - sorry, can't remember the name).  The audio quality could be better (no, not Mark's west nile ailement), the audio track!  Hopefully we'll see these videos shown using Silverlight soon to show the spirit.

30 May, 2008

"#2: Compelling urge to beat the crap out of myself."

Funny...after spending 20 good minutes watching the videos, I felt like beating the crap out of you too!


30 May, 2008
Ben Hayat

Well, this is a totally different guy than the Borland days where he had to fight Borland Management to listen to him and cooperate with him. Mark is a super smart guy, but sometime he is miss understood, like getting re embraced for the "Redlight Receipts"... :-)

30 May, 2008
Scott Woods

It’s nice to see others who have to fight for good design principles.  Sometimes I want to say forget it when I run in to the wall of "who cares".  There is a LOT of developers who could care less about good design principles and it can be an uphill battle to persuade them.  Thanks for the videos.

30 May, 2008
Stuart Hunt

I've been to a couple presentations that Mark has done in the past, and I think the videos are tying his hands.   In my opinion, one of the things that makes Mark a great speaker is his spontaneity.   Give him some room to move around instead of locking him in that chair and the videos might be much more exciting...  taking good to great!

30 May, 2008
Papa Niang

Great point on the need to introduce HCI courses in the CS curriculum. I took a course in HCI and it made a big difference in the way I appreciate and design UIs.

Thank you for your insight into this delicate issue.

30 May, 2008
John Pattison

Great job Mark!  I'll look forward to more videos.

I know that sitting still in that chair maximizes the bitrate efficiency of the video stream, but how about splurging and taking us on a tour of the place.  :-)

30 May, 2008
Renaud Bompuis

Thank you Mark and everyone involved: I love these presentations and you can see and feel the passion in Mark once he gets started.

Keep them coming!

My only negative comment is that the sound level is too low.

2 June, 2008

Great videos and continue beating the UI drum.

I would be interested in your thoughts on multi monitor strategies as with separate apps open on each one I keep forgetting which has got the focus and send the wrong keyboard shortcuts to wrong app - almost needs a mouse per monitor that automatically sets the focus when you touch it.

As the age/hair thing - no don't shave it off thats only marginally better than a comb over. Get a transplant (preferably hair). Hey your old when your 80 (or your as old as you feel or, your as old as who you feel). Oops this isn't Mondays is it!

3 June, 2008
Eric Haskins

Where did the videos go? Do you have an updated link?

21 June, 2009

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