CodeRush wins Breakthrough Product of the Year at Tech Ed

09 June 2008

Hey kids,

Boy, this was a surprise.

Going into Tech Ed we were a bit flabbergasted about how CodeRush had been passed over in the nomination process for the Best of Tech Ed awards. The whole team puts everything they've got into this product, and so not even being nominated for an award was certainly disappointing.

Nevertheless, we held our heads high and presented high-energy and popular demos on the show floor, with crowds pushing into the booth just across the way. And somehow (the theory goes), Tech Ed judges were among those in the crowd, and decided to bestow CodeRush (and Refactor! Pro) with the award for Breakthrough Product of the Year for 2008.

Congratulations and my sincere thanks to the hard-working IDE Team at Developer Express.

Everything we do at Dev Express is a collaborative effort with our customers. CodeRush wouldn't be so good if it were not for the excellent feedback and input we've received, so my sincere thanks to all of you.

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Dustin Campbell

Congrats! Well deserved praise indeed!

9 June, 2008
Rory Becker - DevExpress

I can't think of a product that deserves an award more.

Any award.

No other product (short of VS itself) has such an (amazingly good) impact on my day.

9 June, 2008
Pete Muller

Congratulations, guys!  :)

Although, as someone who has followed CodeRush since the Delphi 5 incarnation, my "Breakthrough" came *years* ago  ;)

9 June, 2008
Chris Vickerson

super duper well deserved - congrats

9 June, 2008
richard morris

It can take many years of hard work to become an overnight sucess.  Congrats guys :)

9 June, 2008
Junior Thurler

Maybe as CodeRush a product since the Delphi Days and MS and even DevEx forgetful Delphi, this could be the reason "behind" no award to this EXCELENT product since the Delphi 5 Code Rush version as Pete told.

10 June, 2008
Zack Jones

Congrats! Well deserved. Thanks for providing us with great products!

10 June, 2008

congratulations - well done guys

2 July, 2008

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