Next Week: IDE Productivity Tools in the Labs, CodeRush & Refactor! Pro

Hey kids,

Here's a preview of what's coming next week.You'll see two powerful & fun new features that will ship in the next releases of CodeRush and Refactor! Pro.

First, one of my favorite new refactorings, Extract to Type, moves a block of code located in the wrong class over to the right class. You know the kind of code I'm talking about: It usually sits inside a helper method and operates on locals of an instance type declared somewhere else in your solution, setting properties and/or calling methods on those locals of the other type. The UI for this refactoring is both smart and efficient. I think you'll like it. :-)

I'll also show one of my favorite new code providers, Add Missing Constructors. This code provider does exactly what the name implies, and saves time when you need to add one or more missing inherited construction code in descendant classes.

For devs on the bleeding edge, both of these new features are available right now in the latest daily builds (CodeRush and Refactor! Pro customers can get these from

Oh, and we'll also post more videos showing more refactorings in action.

See you next week!

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