CodeRush Xpress 9.1 Beta for C# and Visual Basic Developers

Alright kids, we've got some exciting news. The CodeRush Xpress 9.1 beta is now available for download. It's packed with crazy powerful features, for both C# and Visual Basic developers working in Visual Studio 2008. This product is free, licensed by Microsoft on behalf of Visual Studio 2008 developers everywhere.

Here's a quick overview of what you get in this free download....

59 Refactorings. That's right, 59 refactorings. And you get some really powerful refactorings here including Decompose Parameter and Extract Method to Type.

17 Consume-first providers. You've got to see these in action to realize how powerful they are and how well they partner with Visual Studio's built-in Intellisense. Use Intellisense to build an expression, and use CodeRush Xpress to instantly declare the variable to hold it.

Powerful navigation tools. Such as Tab to Next Reference, CamelCase Nav, Quick Symbol Nav and File Nav.

And so much more. Smart Cut, Smart Copy, Structural Highlighting, and Duplicate Line, to name a few.

Videos to get you started:

C#       Visual Basic

(note, the links at the end of the videos telling you where to download CodeRush Xpress 9.1 are not yet published -- use the links in this blog post instead)

This could be the most powerful no-cost developer tool created ever, in the history of all time!

Remember kids, this beta won't last forever, so get it here, and get us some great feedback ASAP!

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