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Mark Miller
04 September 2009

I sat down with Scott Hanselman this week and discussed CodeRush architecture, breaking the rules, and my allegedly massive head.

Get it here:

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Renaud Bompuis
Renaud Bompuis

Always nice to hear Mark talk about technology. The extent to which he and his team go to make this work seamlessly in VS is amazing considering the technical difficulties to overcome.

I'm also really happy with the integrated user interface: no dialog boxes, no interruptions, using CodeRush and Refactor just flow naturally as part of writing code.

Certainly one of the most amazing development products out there.

10 September 2009

Two of my favorite people: good times!

I enjoyed Mark's creative repurposing of The Simpsons at Borcon 2002 in Long Beach, and I've long been a CodeRush fan.

BTW, it would be kinda interesting to hear how CodeRush got started, what the ratio of native to managed code is, and what development process the team follows.

18 September 2009
Joe Hendricks

I agree with Renaud - CodeRush and Refactor integrate seamlessly into VS2008! - Joe

26 September 2009

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