Miller on DNR TV -- Intelligent Code Generation in Visual Studio with CodeRush

I'm deep in code and surfacing briefly only to mention this DNR TV session I recorded with Carl Franklin. The session gives you a taste of how to create language-independent intelligent code generators inside Visual Studio that work with CodeRush or CodeRush Xpress. For anyone who prefers watching a movie over reading DXCore plug-in tutorial blog posts, this one's for you:

For developers interested in creating refactorings instead of code providers, just drop a RefactoringProvider onto your form instead of the CodeProvider -- all other steps remain the same.

Note: The source is available as a link at the bottom of the DNR TV page. This source includes extension methods for anyone working in a version of CodeRush earlier than 9.27. If you're using 9.27 or higher, those extension methods are redundant. Check out the source even if you watch and follow the video, because it includes additional functionality not covered in the video.

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