CodeRush for Roslyn, v1.0.5

The CodeRush team, continuing its 45-day or less release pace, is ready to bring you the latest update to CodeRush for Roslyn, version 1.0.5.

Our previous release, CodeRush for Roslyn v1.0.4, included new refactorings, code providers, text commands, and test runner and code coverage support. You can download the latest version of CodeRush for Roslyn from the Visual Studio Gallery.

Zero Bug Policy

The team has a zero-bug policy, which essentially means we resolve all reported issues before we write new features. And so in this release, v1.0.5, we’ve prioritized quality and performance over new/ported functionality, resolving over 200 issues, including:

  • Templates:
    • Expansions in split views
    • Corrected context to prevent unintended expansions inside XML doc comments and interpolated strings
    • Corrected a number of template expansion issues in Visual Basic
  • Exceptions when editing code
  • Performance issues:
    • Toggle Comment
    • Test Runner in large files with a huge number of test cases
  • An edge case out-of-memory exception
  • Edge case deadlocks on solution open/close and Test Runner build
  • Edge case crashes (when rename is invoked in navigation link, or when double-clicking tests in the Test Runner)

Other feature areas receiving improvements in this release:

  • Code Cleanup
  • Code Coverage
  • Code Providers
  • IntelliRush
  • Linked Identifiers
  • Refactorings
  • References tool window
  • Shortcuts
  • Tab to Next Reference
  • Text Fields
  • Test Runner

We also added hundreds of test cases to help ensure these issues never appear again.

New in v1.0.5:

We added the following new features in v1.0.5:

  • CodeRush now updates test run progress on the Windows taskbar.

  • The Test Runner filter now shows the full path to each test, so you can easily find the test you are looking for even if you have tests with identical names in different test fixtures.
  • We added the "Add Else Statement" and “Declare Interface” code providers.
  • Smart Constructor, Declare Class, Declare Property, and Declare Property (with field) are now available for Visual Basic developers.

Give it a Try

Give the 1.0.5 version a try and let us know what you think. You can download CodeRush for Roslyn from the Visual Studio Gallery.

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Do you have to uninstall the prior CodeRush first? Is this available from the DevExpress download center for existing subscribers or only from the VS gallery?

3 September 2015
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Hi Neal,

It does not appear to be available from the download center yet, so get it at the VS gallery.

If you have CodeRush Classic installed, you probably want to uninstall it. It's possible to have both products installed, but you'll have to turn off features that conflict. CodeRush for Roslyn (CRR) auto-updates itself, so there is no need to uninstall CRR.

Remember, CRR is still in development and in a preview stage and is not a final product.

If you’re working in Visual Studio 2015 with the new language features in C# or VB, you should install CodeRush for Roslyn. If you rely on CodeRush Classic features that haven’t been ported yet, you’ll need CodeRush Classic. If you need both, you can install and use both. For more information on CodeRush for Roslyn, go to:

3 September 2015

Thanks Mark.  I uninstalled CR and then installed CRR from the gallery and will give it a try and I fully understand it's preview and work in progress.  Thanks.

3 September 2015
daniel weisel
daniel weisel

Hi Mark,

Is there a list that shows what's in CodeRush Classic that was not ported yet to CodeRush Roslyn? I know there is a summary of what is already in CRR, but it would help to see what wasn't ported yet. It will help me decide if the main features I use are already ported so that I can start working on it.


4 September 2015
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Hi Daniel,

We don't have an easy-to-digest list readily available, but I'll see if we can get something published next week. Thanks for the suggestion.

4 September 2015
David Ward 5
David Ward 5

Testrunner much improved since 1.0.4. Thanks for fixing my reporting issues.

Keyboard navigation seems to be much better in the test runner.



9 September 2015
Jim Horvath
Jim Horvath

It'd be awesome if there were a guide on what to turn off in CodeRush Classic.  I'm working with something that practically requires the use of CR Classic plugins, but I'm pretty new to CR in general - not sure I'd know how to turn everything off that I'd need to.

Otherwise I'd definitely be running CR for Roslyn, just on principal.  :)  And also because CR Classic is currently unfamiliar with C# 6 features.

11 September 2015
Ronnie Wilkins Jr
Ronnie Wilkins Jr


Are you guys going to hide built-in refactorings since you now piggy-back the built-in issue context menu?  It gets annoying having to wade through all of the 'Generate ...' to get to the Extract Method items.

16 September 2015

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