CodeRush for Roslyn, v1.0.6

CodeRush for Roslyn v1.0.6 is ready for download. Here’s what’s new in this version:

  • The Decompiler is now included in CodeRush for Roslyn v1.0.6. Assembly structure, from namespace all the way down to class members, appears in the tree view on the left, while source code for the selected node appears in a pane on the right.


  • The Unit Test Runner shows test execution progress and summarizes test run results on Visual Studio’s status bar.
  • New test runner actions (which can be bound to shortcuts for fast invocation):

Command Behavior Default Shortcut
UnitTestsRunCurrentClass Executes all tests inside the active type (at the caret) Ctrl+T, C
UnitTestsRunFile Executes all tests contained in the active file Ctrl+T, F
ShowTestRunner Shows the Unit Test Runner window Ctrl+T, T

    • New Code Cleanup rules:
      • Collapse Accessors
      • Expand Accessors
      • Remove redundant ‘base’ qualifier
      • Remove redundant ‘this’ qualifier
      • Remove redundant type cast
      • Use explicit ‘this’ qualifier for field access
      • Use explicit/implicit visibility modifiers

    • Member Icons – select member scope.

    • Cycle Scope (member/type visibility) Up/Down with Alt+Up/Down
    • New Selection Embeddings wrap the selected expression inside parens when you press one of the paren keys. Enable these bindings if you want this feature:


      Also, if you work with a non-U.S. keyboard, check the bindings and redefine them if needed to correspond with the keys you press for the left and right parentheses, and the “!” character.

    • New for Refactorings and Code Providers:
      • Declare Constant - declares a constant for the primitive value at the caret.
      • Introduce Setter Guard Clause - introduces a value-changed check at the start of a property setter, exiting early if the assigned value matches what is already in the backing store.
      • Optimize Namespace References gets a new options page, letting you specify sorting options. You can also use this page to specify which references should be never removed even when they aren’t used.

      • Rename File to Match Type - renames the file (and updates the project), so the file name matches the type name.
      • Remove Unused Member - removes empty and unused event handlers.
      • Now available for Visual Basic:
        • Improved support for code providers declaring classes and members.
        • Add Parameter
        • Declare Method
      • New refactorings for C#:
        • Collapse Property - collapses a property with backing store to a single line if its accessors are empty or contain a single one-line statement.
        • Collapse Accessor - Collapses an accessor to a single line if it is empty or contains a single one-line statement.
        • Collapse Method - collapses a method to a single line if its body is empty or contains a single one-line statement.
        • Expand Property - expands a property, placing its getter and setter on separate lines.
        • Expand Accessor - expands an accessor placing its content on a separate line.
        • Expand Method - expands a single-line method placing its content on a separate line.


    • Navigation Providers, accessible by pressing Ctrl+Alt+N:
      • Assignments
      • Base Types
      • Declaration
      • Derived Types
      • Implementations
      • Instantiations
      • Members
      • Overloads
      • Overridden Member
      • Overrides
      • Parent Type


    The CodeRush for Roslyn preview is free, and updated every 45 days.

    As usual, please download, give it a try – and let us know how we can make it better (

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