CodeRush for Roslyn 1.0.8 (preview) is Available

Team CodeRush continues its 45-day sprint cycles with today’s release of CodeRush for Roslyn 1.0.8. We’ve fixed bugs, improved performance, and reduced memory consumption. New features include:

Paste as XAML/SVG

Starting with version 1.0.8, CodeRush for Roslyn enables you to easily to incorporate vector graphics into your applications, with the new "Paste as XAML" and "Paste as SVG" code providers. Simply copy a graphic selection from a vector editing tool (such as Microsoft Visio®, Microsoft PowerPoint®, or Adobe Illustrator®) and then paste that vector drawing inside your XAML, or inside an HTML file as SVG.


Code Coverage

CodeRush for Roslyn can now collect coverage information for CoreCLR test cases in the DNX environment.


The CodeRush Decompiler can now search for symbols across multiple assemblies simultaneously. Search progress across for assembly is individually visualized.


We have also improved the decompilation logic to produce code that is even easier to read. The CodeRush Decompiler now understands and builds code for:

  • Members explicitly implementing an interface
  • Constructor initializers
  • Events
  • Custom event accessors
  • Indexers

Quick File Navigation

Quick File Navigation is now faster and uses less memory.

Try CodeRush for Roslyn Now

You can download the current preview version of CodeRush for Roslyn from the Visual Studio Gallery. Let us know what you think.

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Did we ever get that feature list comparison between regular CodeRush and CodeRush for Roslyn?

14 January, 2016

Same as Bradley, I really can't let go of CR and all of its goodness until I know CRR has most of it available.  I have a hunch this CRR is going to be an all 2016 effort so I'm sticking with CR until I know CRR is closer to feature complete per its predecessor.  Yeah, I have heinous delays in CR but so be it and still problems where it just shuts down such as I click on a method name and press TAB and I get a tab in the method name now.  We'll see, maybe I'll switch over.  Would be nice if the install for CR included both and I can switch between the two within VS 2015 so both are NOT running but both are available to me without separate installs.

14 January, 2016

We do not have a comparative list yet, but the priority for completing that task is increasing.

14 January, 2016

Since it seems we are still years away from Coderush for F#, can you just make it possible for us to write templates?

I need "ig" to expand to " |> ignore" or my fingers are going to fall off.

15 January, 2016

Recently started using Coderush Roslyn after upgrading my projects to .net 4.6. I find it much more reliable and snappy but am really missing the smart copy feature, templates for true and false and a few other things.

Also I think assertion templates should be changed from something like Debug.Assert(blah != null, "blah is null."); to Debug.Assert(blah != null, $"{nameof(blah)} is null."); all xpo templates can also be changed to use nameof when using .net 4.6

18 January, 2016

I think I posted my comment too soon. I found Smart Copy and templates for true and false.

18 January, 2016

Hi Paul,

Great suggestion for the assert templates. We intend to make that change.

19 January, 2016

"Constructor initializers"   O.O


19 January, 2016

Hi Mark,

I have a strange issue using the new version 1.0.8. Once updated CR in Visual Studio 2015, I'm not able to start debugging Silverlight project. VS gets frozen and has to be closed manually from Task manager.

Disabling CR solves the issue, so it has to be related somehow. May you help with that?

21 January, 2016

We have recently fixed the issue with the Debugger Visualizer deadlock. Here is a link to the hotfix:

22 January, 2016

@James Foye

You could have a look at AutoHotKey for text expansions (works operating system wide):

22 January, 2016

Unless  I understood wrong, I could not see the constructor initializer.

I pressed Ctrl + ' on the constructor, and there is no expected option for that constructor.

Is it supposed to get the constructor signature and create the properties from its parameters, which I'm eagerly looking for?

24 January, 2016

@Hans, thanks.

I did actually get some F# code snippets working this weekend, just using the standard Visual Studio support.

24 January, 2016

Mark, will it be possible to eventually write plug-ins for Coderush Roslyn?

24 January, 2016

I expect plug-in wizards to come later this year.

26 January, 2016

Will it be possible to use "convert to string interpolation" directly as refactoring instead of using first "string.format" and then "convert to string interpolation"?

27 January, 2016

Hello Daniel,

Yes, we do have plans to do this. If everything goes as expected, this functionality will be available in the next version (v1.0.9).

27 January, 2016

Can we get the feature when pressing the semi-colon it goes to the end of the line? The little things...

9 February, 2016

@Daniel, we have corrected the "Convert to string interpolation" refactoring availability in the CodeRush for Roslyn v1.0.9 build:

4 March, 2016

@Neal, We've just published CodeRush for Roslyn v1.0.11 containing the Smart Semi-colon feature (among other improvements)

19 April, 2016

@James, We've added the option to define templates for other languages (including F#). This functionality is included in CodeRush for Roslyn v1.0.11.

19 April, 2016

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