CodeRush for Roslyn, v16.1.7

Today CodeRush for Roslyn v16.1.7 is available. Team CodeRush continues its 45-day sprint & release cycle.

This release adds a few new features, and addresses a number of customer-reported issues.

My favorite new feature in this release is the availability of Reorder Parameters. This extremely efficient refactoring is now available at method calls, multi-dimensional indexed property references, and object creation expressions. So you can be anywhere in your code, and see a method call with arguments in non-intuitive places, and reorder that call’s parameters immediately, and CodeRush for Roslyn will update the declaration and all references automatically.



Another nice addition is the return of being able to use the Spacebar to expand/collapse regions:



And we improved the performance of the IntelliRush experience.


We also discovered three undocumented features we added to the Debug Visualizer back in version 1.0.12, which you may have already experienced.

1. Array contents preview at debug time:



2. Color swatch preview at debug time:



3. Font preview at debug time:



Download CodeRush for Roslyn from the Visual Studio Gallery, and let us know what you think.

Updates every 45 days.

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