What’s New in CodeRush for Roslyn v.16.2.5

Team CodeRush continues our 45-day sprint/release cycle, and we have some treats for you in this update.

All-new Symbol Naming Assistant

This is a brand new feature designed to help you quickly name new symbols (members, variables, and parameters).

The Naming Assistant window automatically opens when you start typing a new symbol name. The suggestion list is filtered as you type, and you can use a subset of the letters in the symbol you want to filter quickly. For example, in the screencast below, typing “mb” filters the suggestions to only show “modelBuilder”.



Code Metrics Are Back

Code Metrics were a popular feature in CodeRush Classic, and we’re pleased to announce the feature has been ported to CodeRush for Roslyn.

Code Metrics reveal the complexity of each member, using one of three popular metrics (Cyclomatic Complexity, Maintenance Complexity, or Line Count).

You can enable the feature on the Editor\All Languages\Code Metrics options page:


Once enabled, metrics will appear to the left of the member declaration:


You can select a different metric with the mouse, by clicking the metric number and using the menu:



The CodeRush Decompiler gets some improvements. Anonymous methods now appear inline, nullable types are listed with the “?” modifier (e.g., “int?” instead of “Nullable<int>”), and XML documentation comments now appear in decompiled code.


The References Window now lets you jump quickly among references. When the window is open, press F8 to jump to the next item and press Shift+F8 to jump to the previous item. Also, you can now use the Jump To dialog to navigate through all currently open files.


Two new refactorings:

  • Move Type to Namespace changes the namespace of the active type and updates all references.
  • Introduce Using Statement replaces object creation and dispose code blocks with a using statement, improving code readability and ensuring locally-used objects are properly disposed.

Smart Duplicate Line

Now, when duplicating items in collection initializers and in parameter lists, commas are added automatically if needed.

New Visualizations

Two improvements to make it easier to understand what’s happening in your code:

  • Region Painting, which implements a low-contrast visual representation of **#region** directives, reducing visual noise where regions are used:


  • Output Window Highlighting, where errors and warnings in the Output window can be emphasized with saturation, making it easier to recognize important messages faster.


We also addressed a number of reported issues. As always, we welcome your feedback.

You can download the latest version of CodeRush for Roslyn from the Visual Studio Marketplace. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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