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CodeRush 17.1.7 Released

This release of CodeRush for Roslyn, our Visual Studio productivity boosting add-in includes enhancements to code coverage, code analysis, and more. This release also includes a preview release of project-wide code cleanup.

Code Coverage

You can now exclude specific projects from Code Coverage analysis using the *.runsettings file. For details refer to Microsoft’s article, Customizing Code Coverage Analysis.


You can now create and apply Filters to the Code Coverage report. For example, you can create a filter that only shows members with less than 70% coverage.


Code Analysis - Unused Members

We have added a new analyzer that detects unused members.


You can also configure unused member highlighting in the CodeRush options dialog (Editor | All Languages | Static Code Analysis | Highlight unused members).


Unused members can be safely deleted without changing program behavior.

Refactorings and Code Providers

The Use string.Format refactoring is now available on interpolated strings.

Project-wide Code Cleanup (Preview)

You can now run Code Cleanup for the entire project. Simply right-click the project you want to clean in the Solution Explorer and select Cleanup Project from the context menu.


As CodeRush cleans the project, a window shows progress.


If code cleanup is cancelled, all code files will remain unchanged.

Reminder: This feature is in a preview state, and may break or change the behavior of your code. If you find Code Cleanup yields unexpected results, please let us know. You can globally undo the entire operation using the Visual Studio’s Undo action (available when any document changed by code cleanup is open).

Download CodeRush for Roslyn from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

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