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CodeRush 17.2.5 is Available

Another 30 days, another CodeRush release. Download the latest version from the Visual Studio Marketplace. This update contains the following enhancements:

Code Style

  • You can now change the default visibility modifier CodeRush uses for generated members.

    This setting is used by Declaration Providers, Templates and other features that generate new members from scratch.
  • There's a new Code Style option that lets you set preferences for adding clarifying (but optional) parentheses to your code.


    You can apply these Code Styles with the Code Cleanup feature.



  • Now you can create new templates based on existing templates. Just right-click the template you want to duplicate (in the Templates options page), and select "Create Duplicate". Enter a new template name, and change the expansion or context as needed.

  • Now you can easily insert template aliases into your existing templates (allowing templates to insert the contents of the aliased templates into the editor when they expand). Inside the Template Editor, just right-click and choose "Insert Alias...", then specify the name of the template to include. This is useful for sharing the same code expansion between two or more templates.

  • You can now easily include any type in the CodeRush templates system as a Template Name Variable. Just right-click the type anywhere it appears in the Visual Studio editor and choose “Use Type in Templates...”.


    After selecting Use Type in Templates..., CodeRush asks for the shortcut mnemonic to use for the type.


    After adding the new type, it will instantly become available in all type-aware templates, including declaration verbs like "m" (for methods), "p" (for properties), "q" for constants, "t" (for types) and "v" (for variables).
  • We have improved support for new language features in templates and other context-aware features by adding the [InInterpolatedString] context and adding the language version parameter to the [InVisualBasic(version)] and [InCSharp(version)] contexts.

Try It Today!

Download CodeRush from the Visual Studio Marketplace and let us know what you think. Updates every 30 days. The latest What’s New is always here.

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Pablo Gutierrez 1

Hi, thanks for great enhancements. I'm try to use Create Duplicate feature but it does not work.

January 18, 2018 8:09 PM

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