CodeRush 17.2.7 for Visual Studio is Now Available

In this month’s release, we add automatic block and statement formatting options, the test runner UI gets some improvements, and we introduce the Feature Advisor to help you get more out of CodeRush. Download the latest version of CodeRush at the Visual Studio Marketplace. Here’s more on what’s new:

Feature Advisor

The Feature Advisor introduces CodeRush features likely to improve your coding efficiency based on the ways you create and modify code in the editor.

When CodeRush notices code created or modified in ways which CodeRush features can do faster, it adds an entry to the feature advisor and increments the red and white counter in the bottom right of Visual Studio:


Click this counter to open the Feature Advisor window to learn more about the new CodeRush features that can help.


The Feature Advisor options page shows the full list of features supported by Feature Advisor and lets you disable hinting for features you already know how to use.


Code Formatting

We have added new options to Format statements and blocks after pressing the } and ; keys.


Unit Testing

The world’s fastest test runner gets some improvements to help you analyze and use test run results faster.

  • You can now select and copy text from the Test Runner’s Results section.


  • We have added a right-click radio button action to category buttons in the filtering toolbar. When you right-click a filter item, that item becomes the only filter checked.
  • When all filtering items are unchecked, the Test Runner Window shows all tests without filtering.
  • The Test Runner hints shown in the code editor now let you select and copy expected and actual values.


Give it a Try

Download the latest version and let us know what you think about it. Our goal is to make CodeRush the fastest, most powerful code-creation tool for developers. Tell us how we’re doing. And if you love something about CodeRush, you can tell the world about it here. As always, we thank you for your support.

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