CodeRush – New Release (v17.2.8)

Another 30 days. Another release. This update to CodeRush brings neat improvements to Smart Duplicate Selection, a port of Invert Selection, and the ability to quickly turn code into templates.

Coding Assistance

Smart Duplicate Selection/Line (Shift+Enter) gets the following improvements:

  • Single letter identifier parts are automatically incremented/decremented if CodeRush detects an alphabetically-ordered pattern in the code:

  • Enhanced support for duplicating parameters and arguments, letting you quickly declare new parameters based on existing parameters and the selection. To duplicate a parameter, select the part(s) you want to change (selected parts will become fields) and press Shift+Enter. Watch the videos below to see examples of what you can do.

    • Arguments

    • Parameters:

  • Expressions can now be duplicated. You can duplicate elements combined with a variety of different operators: string concatenation, bitwise, Boolean and arithmetic. Smart Duplicate Selection will insert a default operator and mark it with a TextField so you can change it later if needed. Watch the video below for examples of what you can do:

Refactorings and Code Providers

The Invert Selection code provider gets a port from CodeRush Classic. Use this code provider to invert selected lines of code in a variety of ways:

  • Assignments (a = b  →  b = a)
  • Boolean literals (true  →  false)
  • Addition/subtraction assignments (a += b  →  a -= b)
  • Equality operators (==  →  !=)


We have added the ability to create templates right from a code selection using a context menu. Simply select the code to become the basis for your template, right-click and choose Selection to Template...



CodeRush automatically creates Links and Fields based on the selected code and opens the new template in the Template Editor.

Give CodeRush a Try!

Download CodeRush from the Visual Studio Marketplace. And if you're enjoying CodeRush, please leave a review here so the whole world can see.

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