CodeRush – Cheat Sheet (v3)

Mark Miller
25 April 2018

Version 3 of the CodeRush Cheat Sheet is available, showing default keyboard shortcuts as well as key templates.

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Juan Antonio Trujillo Montenegro
Juan Antonio Trujillo Montenegro

Thanks for updating the cheat sheet!

26 April 2018
Tony Gorham
Tony Gorham

be awesome to supply these as word doc in the future so we can delete chunks we never use like xpo or sharepoint - less clutter makes it easier to find stuff. I have crossed those sections out. Just a suggestion. Thanks for sharing these really help. I have owned coderush for years, finally forcing myself to use more of its features OMG why didnt i do this sooner!

14 June 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Thanks Tony, for the suggestion. Right now my source document is a PDF, which you should be able to edit with Adobe Acrobat. However, the next time we update this, we'll keep your suggestion in mind and look for ways to allow you to customize the cheat sheet.

18 June 2018

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