CodeRush – New Release (v18.1.7) for Visual Studio

Mark Miller
18 July 2018

This Month, We’re Boldly Going Where We’ve Never Gone Before

Literally! In this month’s CodeRush release, we’re making Rich Comments available, with support for bold, italics, and other formatting in comments. This release also sees improvements to the Unit Test Runner, Code Formatting, and Selection to Template, plus JavaScript/Typescript developers get new features!

Rich Comments

Want to add emphasis to a Visual Studio comment? Now you can with the Rich Comments feature. The following Markdown-like syntax elements are supported:

  • **Bold**
  • *Italic*
  • _Underline_ (underscores on either side)
  • ~Strikethrough~


You can make selected text inside a comment bold by pressing Ctrl+B or choosing the appropriate command from the Embed Selection Action menu

You can turn on Rich Comments on the Editor | All Languages | Rich Comments options page or using the Toggle Rich Comments toolbar button.

Unit Test Runner

With this release, you can now execute a single test case of a parameterized test directly from code. Click a CodeRush test icon and choose the desired option from the Run test, Debug test, or Run test with coverage submenus.


You can also execute a test for a particular descendant of the current class in a similar manner.

Code Formatting

We have enhanced formatting options to allow you specify how you would like to align code blocks. The “Align by” and “Indent” options are available on the Braces option page in Editor | C# | Formatting. On the Wrapping options page you can also align content for Initializers.


Coding Assistance

Selection to Template generates cleaner templates and uses type links, text links, or regular links intelligently depending on element type.

Create Template From Selection dialog options allow you to fine tune a template before committing it, and quickly specify which elements should be wrapped up in text links.


JS and TS Support

Now in Javascript (and Typescript) you can:

Download and Try CodeRush Now!

Download CodeRush from the Visual Studio Marketplace or use the DevExpress Download Manager. And if you're enjoying CodeRush, please leave a review here so the whole world can see.

Coming Up

Next month expect to see more JavaScript features, plus a mind-blowing visual feature for all languages that we think you are going to love.

9 comment(s)
Mark DuCharme
Mark DuCharme

Huge "YAY" for Javascript support!

Any chance we'll see smart cut/copy/paste support for Javascript soon?

That'll make my day, big time.

Oh, and hi Mark :)

18 July, 2018
Sigurd Decroos _
Sigurd Decroos _

What about support for Visual Studio Code? :)

19 July, 2018
Alfred Rakgole 2
Alfred Rakgole 2

JS and TS Support in VS is great news! :)

CodeRush extension for VS Code vote +1

19 July, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Hi Mark DuCharme! Smart Cut/Copy/Paste are on our to-do list. I think you got a reasonable shot of seeing them in 1-2 sprints. Unfortunately no promises.

19 July, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

We are looking at putting CodeRush on Visual Code, but I can't promise when (or even if) that will become available. Thanks for your feedback!

19 July, 2018

Mark - if you will do, I will be the first person who will purchase it.

19 July, 2018
Mark DuCharme
Mark DuCharme

I have a great name for "CodeRush for VS Code". We should call it "Raptor".


Was it really nearly 20 years ago?!

BTW... no "rush" on the smart cut/copy/paste

(see what I did there?)

20 July, 2018
Rainer Leonardy
Rainer Leonardy

In Visual Basic the function "RichComments" doesn't work. There is no Menu "Embed Selection". When I load a c#-program then it is working.

22 July, 2018
Mark DuCharme
Mark DuCharme

Rainer, if you haven't already, be sure to open a ticket with support. They'll get you squared away.

23 July, 2018

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