CodeRush – New Release (v18.1.11) for Visual Studio

18 September 2018

Major New Features in This Release

Another 30-day sprint, another release. This update is packed with important new features for teams and individuals using CodeRush, including embedded images in source code, templates for JavaScript & TypeScript development, new performance-enhancing features, and more. Here’s what’s new in this release:

Rich Comments

This release includes a groundbreaking new feature which gives Visual Studio developers the ability to effortlessly embed images, diagrams, formulas, tables, etc., inside source code (C#, F#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Visual Basic, XAML, HTML, CSS, and XML). You can paste any image from the clipboard, or reference a local file in markdown.


Embedded images can be scaled and cropped, and work seamlessly with Visual Studio. Embedded images can help:

  • Explain complex code.
  • Signpost important classes and functions.
  • Teach developers new concepts, strategies, and algorithms.
  • Communicate important issues among all team members.
  • Bring new team members up to speed.

For more details on this amazing new technology, see

JavaScript & TypeScript support

Smart Cut & Copy is now supported in JavaScript and TypeScript code. No need to select an identifier or a contiguous block of code before copying or cutting it. Just place the caret inside the identifier (or on the keyword that starts the contiguous block) and press your copy or cut keys. CodeRush will select the JavaScript/TypeScript identifier or code block for you before placing it on the clipboard.

This release also includes a pre-release set of templates for JavaScript and TypeScript development. These templates make it easy to declare classes, functions, variables, code blocks, expressions and more with the smallest effort. We expect to refine and evolve these over the coming releases.


I expect to release a second blog post detailing these new templates later in the week, and I also expect to cover these in my live JS/TS/C# Coding & Design show here:

Performance Improvements

You may be able to improve CodeRush performance, making it even faster, by creating native images using NGEN.exe.

If you start Visual Studio with administrator privileges, and NGEN performance improvement options are available, you’ll see a notification near the top of the IDE that looks like this:

You can compile assemblies once for this install, do it automatically after each update, or disregard the suggestion and never see it again.

NGEN compilation is performed in a separate process so you can close Visual Studio or keep it running after you start. Compilation progress is updated in the notification area if Visual Studio is running. Once compilation is complete, future Visual Studio sessions are expected to be noticeably faster and responsive.

Important: CodeRush will only show this performance upgrade notification if Visual Studio is executed with administrator privileges.

Member Sections

CodeRush templates can place generated members in dedicated target sections grouping those members. A member section can start with a comment or be contained inside a region. You can define target sections using the Region or Comment group buttons on the Organize Members option page.


You can specify the text for the target comment or region…


And CodeRush templates will generate well-organized code according to your team’s rules and settings:


Code Analysis

  • You can now set options to determine how the Possible System.NullReferenceException diagnostic performs its analysis in methods, properties, parameters and fields.PossibleNullReferenceExceptionOptions
  • We have also added the “Task.Factory.StartNew usage can be dangerous” code diagnostic, warning when unsafe methods are used to start a new thread.

Other Improvements

  • Move to Region can now position methods alphabetically. To try this, on the Move to Region options page, set “Inside regions, place newly-moved members” to Alphabetically.
  • MoveToRegionOptions
    The Move to Region UI now allows you to select target regions from a tree menu (regions are shown in the same hierachical order they appear in code).

  • With new HTML context providers, you can customize your own HTML-specific CodeRush features like shortcuts, templates, selection embeddings.

Download and Try CodeRush Now!

Download CodeRush from the Visual Studio Marketplace or use the DevExpress Download Manager. And if you're enjoying the quality of these CodeRush releases, please leave a review here so the whole world can see. As always, thank you for your support!
Sergey Antoshkov

Rich Comments - grate feature, but not work.

Possible problem with russion version of Visual Studio.

Not work and the menu item "Paste Image"vanishes from context menu.

18 September, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Make sure Rich Comments are enabled on the **Editor\Rich Comments** options page.

18 September, 2018
Sergey Antoshkov

Hi Mark!

This option are enabled, but all pictures the same and looks like:


What wrong on my side.

Thanks for your job!

18 September, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Sergey, I'm not sure what the issue is. What language are you trying to paste the images in? It's probably best to contact with more details (include VS version #) so they can follow-up, reproduce, and find a fix.

18 September, 2018
Mark DuCharme

Yes, yes, yes and YES!!

Thank you for getting smart copy in there for JavaScript!!!

1,000,000,000 Internet points awarded to Team CR for being awesome.

18 September, 2018
Mark DuCharme

Another 1,000,000,000 Internet points for native images. Dayum CR is even faster now.

You folks continue to impress.

18 September, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

I think we just got like 2 billion internet points in less than thirty minutes. It may be time to cash in.

18 September, 2018
Kiryl Y.

What are the requirements for NGEN? Ran VS as admin couldn't  see any popups.

19 September, 2018

Same as Sergey's problem, language is vb.

19 September, 2018
Sergey Antoshkov

The problem is solved next day after some computer restart. Now working fine.

Windows 10 x64 (last update), VS 2017 (last update) - russion versions.

Dell Inspiron, Intel Core i7-8550U, 16Gb RAM...

Language is C#.

19 September, 2018
Tim Whalen

Same issue as Kiryl: I run VS Community Edition 15.8.4 as Administrator, and I do have CR 18.1.11 installed, but I never see a prompt to run NGEN.

19 September, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Check the Rich Comments options page and make sure that is enabled.

19 September, 2018


I've just installed new version of CodeRush but message about running ngen for CodeRush doesn't show - I started VS2017 as an Administrator.

Do you have some suggestions what can be wrong?

20 September, 2018
Gordon Bailes

I love this feature.  May I suggest a vaguely similar concept that would be a "nice to" feature for CR in the future.

Similar to adding a picture to a comment in code, how about adding "watermark-like" background image in the VS editor.  It could be used to put a transparent corporate logo or a nearly transparent relaxing image in the editor background.  

Hope this is something CR would like to add to its toolset.

20 September, 2018
Kiryl Y.

Any devise regarding NGEN?

20 September, 2018

This is just my $.02 / opinion but keeping it real. I really think the brains thinking forward of what Coderush can and should do are severely missing the mark on what developers need and can use to help program in the most common scenarios. Mark knows I'm not happy with CR because discoverability is so hard and using the features of it are not obvious. I wish it enhanced my development experience but it doesn't. Images in my code? No, maybe for some, but not for me. If I need to reference an image I can add it to my solution and open it in a tab by double-clicking it. I don't want bloated hard to read code infested with images.

What I do want as mentioned above are tools to keep me in Visual Studio and not having to google for .NET things, stackoverflow things, devexpress things. Give me a "spotlight" search right in my code window via coderush that searches DevExpress. I've said it so many times, don't make me go find .NET string format options such for a Guid or DateTime. When I type .ToString on a DateTime variable for goodness sake show me the options for formatting right inside my editor. Why is this not higher priority than images in code which will be used by maybe 1%? Sorry to shoot a missile at the holy grail but I'm not on board and consider this an eye roll. I want you to help me code, coderush is not doing that. I use it because it's part of my subscription otherwise I would use a competing product.

Whomever is guiding coderush really needs to come back down to Earth and think about your common coders, think of those in the 1-5 year programming group to help cage your gyros as you keep missing the mark on what this tool can do to help the majority of us.

Thank you for reading.

21 September, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Thanks Neal. As always, we appreciate your comments to keep us on track and I will talk to the devs about the spotlight and ToString requests. I think those are great feature ideas.

21 September, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

> Any devise regarding NGEN?

Kiryl, please send an email to with more details and tech support will follow up and track the issue to make sure it is solved.

21 September, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

We have just released an update (18.1.12) that appears to fix the NGEN notification issue and a number of other issues.

24 September, 2018
Sergey Antoshkov

Again the same problem:

//merlin 21x21 = 128x128 - 441 ![](6348BF0A7F9CBD1F65D0028A39633A91.png;;;0.01821,0.01481)

//genius 23x31 = 124x93 - 692 ![](F8823477D3D237E2E79D2C0CAD2A148B.png;;;0.02441,0.02085)

Also not working the sized comments!

Did not any changes for VS.

9 October, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Sergey, can you please contact with details to help us reproduce and correct the issue you're seeing?

9 October, 2018
Sergey Antoshkov

Only(!) after reinstall VS all working fine.  

Something wrong with VS settings.

Interesting, is anybody have the same problem?

10 October, 2018

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