CodeRush – New Release (v18.1.13) for Visual Studio

Welcome to the October 2018 Release of CodeRush!

October is a month for scary holiday fun, and this release of CodeRush makes it easier than ever to shine the light on those frightening parts of your code and fix them! Every month we release an update to CodeRush, with new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. This month’s update includes new additions to Rich Comments, JavaScript/TypeScript support, Refactorings, Formatting, Razor, and more!

Rich Comments

Important Comments and Question Comments

CodeRush syntax-highlights important comments and question comments in colors you can set.

  • You can mark comments as important by starting the comment with a “!”.
    You can mark comments as questions by starting the comment with a “?”.


Task-Based Comments

CodeRush highlights comments in the color you specify for comments starting with the following task-based tokens:

  • TODO
  • BUG
  • HACK

Default colors for these new comment types for light and dark themes are shown below:


You can change these colors on the Rich Comments options page.


Bonus: Task-Based Comment Templates

To make it easier to create task-based comments, we are shipping the following CodeRush Templates for C# and JavaScript/TypeScript:


And the following for Visual Basic:


Large and Small Comments

CodeRush gives you the ability to use markdown to create large or small comments. Large comments use one, two, or three “+” characters at the start of the comment, and small comments use one, two, or three “-” characters at the start of the comment.


If you prefer markdown syntax, you can also use the hashtag character ("#") to specify comment size:


By default CodeRush decreases comment contrast as the font size increases, and increases contrast as comment size decreases. You can change the contrast, or assign a custom color to each of the large and small comment font sizes using the Rich Comments options page:


Just make sure the “Change comment font size and color using ++, --, #, ##, etc” checkbox is checked to enable this functionality:


We have also added the capability to individually enable or disable markdown formatting (bold, italics, etc.) in comments, embedded images in comments, as well as the ability to hide comment delimiters with the back tick (`).

All of these options are available on the Editor | All Languages | Rich Comments page of the CodeRush Options dialog.

JavaScript & TypeScript - Jump to Symbol

In this release we have added the Jump to Symbol feature, now available in JavaScript and TypeScript code.


Refactoring Improvements



Simple Member Formatting

CodeRush now lets you set formatting options for simple members that include only a single statement (and do not include comments or directives), with the following grouped options:


  • Simple Method
  • Simple Property / Indexer / Event
  • Simple Accessor

Blank Lines:

  • Simple Method
  • Simple Property / Indexer / Event

These formatting options are available in the CodeRush Options dialog in the supported language folder you work with (e.g., “Editor | C# | Formatting | Braces”):


HTML and Razor Support

Selection Expand/Reduce is now available in HTML, C# Razor, Visual Basic Razor, and Aspx files.

CodeRush now supports Structural Highlighting in Visual Basic Razor blocks.

Give it a Try!

Download CodeRush from the Visual Studio Marketplace or use the DevExpress Download Manager. And if you're enjoying the quality of these CodeRush releases, please leave a review here so the entire development community can see what you think. As always, thank you for your support!

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Justin McGuirk
Justin McGuirk

"small comments use one, two, or three “-” characters at the start of the comment."

Ahhhh, that explains why our t-sql "--" comments got smaller after turning on Rich Comments.

Is there any way to turn off rich comments just for the t-sql language? Or only on for C#?

19 October 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Justin, thanks for reporting this. I'm going to call this a bug and direct the team's attention to it so we can get you a fix ASAP. In the meantime, there is no way to turn the feature on or off yet for an individual file, however on the CodeRush Options: Editor\Rich Comments options page, you can turn off comment sizing for all files by clearing the "Change comment font size and color..." checkbox.

19 October 2018
Jim Foye
Jim Foye

I think I like it!

19 October 2018
Justin McGuirk
Justin McGuirk

It appears to be already fixed. I just upgraded to 18.1.13 and the t-sql "--" comments are normal size. Sorry for being "that user".

19 October 2018

I think you spend too much time in this Rich Comments. In my opinion, that's absolutelly useless for production using.

But thanks for the updates in refactoring and formatting. That's really useful things.

21 October 2018

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