Introducing CodeRush Server (Pre-release)

Mark Miller
22 October 2018

While Team CodeRush has been hard at work delivering top-notch drops of CodeRush for Visual Studio at a brisk 30-day sprint pace, we have also been working on a little something on the side for developers working in the Azure DevOps space.

It’s CodeRush Server, and it’s designed to provide insight and analysis into the health of your entire code base - one solution at a time.

Meet CodeRush Server

CodeRush Server analyzes code coverage and test run results, showing you the most robust and the most vulnerable parts of your code. CodeRush Server also scans your entire solution, finding unusual and high-risk lines of code that might need another look, or even corrective action.


Trend Analysis

CodeRush Server helps you spot trends and growing problems before they get out of hand. Improvements in solution health (with respect to a previous selected build) are indicated with an upward-pointing green triangle (UpTriangle) and regressions in health (between selected builds) are indicated with downward-pointing red triangle (RedTriangle), as shown below:


In addition to these at-a-glance indicators of solution health deltas, CodeRush Server also displays the magnitude of change for each metric. with the light gray numbers below the line.

So, for example, in the following close-up, the light gray “-1” indicates we have one fewer failing test (compared against the selected baseline build). Because that’s an improvement, CodeRush Server notes the change with the green upward-pointing triangle.


We can also see from the close-up above that there are 95 ignored tests in this build, and those 95 are 318 fewer than the baseline's ignored test count. “318” is in light gray and appears below the total – that’s means it’s the magnitude of change. Also note that since ignored tests are generally not a strong indicator of solution health, CodeRush Server does not mark this change with up or down arrows.

View Results

After a solution build, you can view the health of your code base on the Home tab, or by clicking the CodeRush Server icon on the left.

The following pages contain summarized results as well as detailed reports:


The dashboard summarizes solution health, and reveals changes to key health indicators (such as code coverage, failing and passing test cases, code issues, etc.) since your last build (or the last build you specify as the baseline).

Unit Tests

This page shows test run results, with the ability to filter by test result of interest:

Select an individual test to see the code behind it (including its failure point, if any), its history, and other relevant details.

Code Coverage

See the most vulnerable parts of your code base, which may need more unit test coverage, as well as the strongest, most robust code in your solution: 

You can easily scale the scope of your code coverage evaluation from an entire namespace all the way down to a single line of code.

Code Issues

CodeRush Server identifies unusualsuspect, and potentially high risk code with a variety of code issue analyzers:

You can see the complete code issue summary, drill into a particular issue, and filter issues by severity.

Easy to Install & Setup

It’s easy to get started with CodeRush Server. Simply install the extension, then add the CodeRush Server Analyze task after the solution build.


Join the Private CTP

The CodeRush Server extension is currently published as a private beta on Microsoft Marketplace. If you're interested in trying CodeRush Server, register here. After we process your submission, we'll get you access the extension directly through your Azure DevOps account. As always, thanks for your support!
Santiago Moscoso
Santiago Moscoso

Just Amazing


Do you have plans of releasing it for on-premises installation and integration with other build servers?

22 October, 2018
Bjoern Hack
Bjoern Hack

Pricing Structure?

23 October, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Santiago, this may be a distribution we offer in the future, however no plans to do this as of this moment.

23 October, 2018
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Hi Bjoern,

Pricing details have yet to be announced, but you can expect pricing to be competitive.

23 October, 2018
J.R. van den Boom
J.R. van den Boom

I would love to see this coming to TFS as well!

24 October, 2018
Vito (DevExpress Support)
Vito (DevExpress Support)

While the blog post is focused on working in the Azure DevOps space, CodeRush Server extension is designed to be used in both Azure DevOps (formerly known as VSTS) and TFS. If you are interested in trying CodeRush Server, we invite you to register for the beta using the link below:

Once you registered, please reply to the "Welcome" email and specify that you are interested in using CodeRush Server in TFS.  We will provide you with the instructions on how to install the product there.

27 November, 2018

Looks very interesting. Are there plans for integration into other CI/CD systems? For example we are using Gitlab und would be very interested in integrating such a product into our pipeline.

28 January, 2019

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