CodeRush Server–New Release (v18.2.6)

We have released an update to the CodeRush Server CTP, available on the Visual Studio Marketplace (these links will only work if you have joined the private beta, which you can sign up for here).

New in this release:

Repository Branch Support

The Dashboard now supports repository branching, letting you navigate through your repository’s branches and evaluate the health of each branch individually.


Self-Hosted Build Agent Compatibility

  • The Analyze task is more lightweight, and no longer requires Visual Studio to be installed on a build agent (learn more).
  • Code Coverage calculation now works as expected when a build agent is configured as a service.

Unit Testing Enhancements

  • The Analyze task now provides the Exclude tests in categories option, which lets you ignore tests by category.


Excluded tests are marked as Ignored on the Unit Tests page:


  • CodeRush Server can now run NUnit 3.11 tests.

Code Analysis Enhancements

  • This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements made in the Code Analysis engine.

Other Improvements

  • The Code Coverage results page now supports filtering.
  • Mouse wheel scrolling now works as expected across supported web browsers.

Give It a Try (And Tell Us More)

Join the private beta here, and then download CodeRush Server CTP from the Visual Studio Marketplace and let us know what you think! Also, please help us better understand your needs with the survey below:

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Matthieu Penant
Matthieu Penant

The links provided don't seem to work anymore.

13 March 2019
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)

Hi Matthieu,

Thanks for your feedback. If the links do not work, you can get them to work by joining the CodeRush Server beta, available here:

Blog post updated to reflect this.

13 March 2019
Juan Antonio Trujillo Montenegro
Juan Antonio Trujillo Montenegro

I tried to join the beta when it was first announced but never got the email :(

15 March 2019
Vito (DevExpress Support)
Vito (DevExpress Support)

Hello Juan Antonio,

Can I ask you to contact us at and provide us with the name of your Azure DevOps organization, so that we can ensure that CodeRush Server extension is available for you?

18 March 2019

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