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The CodeRush extension for Visual Studio helps you write code more quickly, reducing physical and mental effort.

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James S K Makumbi
James S K Makumbi

I have been using coderush since 2008.

This tool has RUINED ME for writing C#.

I used to know how to code for hours on end typing and typing and typing as my mind got backlogged with all the code I wasn't typing due to speed. 

Now I type almost as fast as I think. 

But sadly, I can't code a single thing without it. Instead of thinking about what six lines of code I need, I just recall the two letters that bring up functionality I need to implement.

I am paralysed at the very thought of renaming a property without coderush!

We are ruined. Ruined I tell you. 

There are so many features it don't use (yet) but the ones I do use make it all the more worth it.

I am going to sue you and buy you a nice gift with my settlement. 

19 September 2019
my xpo, xpi, xps... are not working anymore... what is the new shortcut, mate?
19 September 2019
James S K Makumbi
James S K Makumbi
Hi Ngoc, 
I use XAF on 95% of my projects on those I don.t I still use XPO.
I have just tested CodeRush 19.1.8 on my vs2015 ide and it still works. I am going to be using it for next 29days.
Can you check and do a repair install? Or better yet, got to https://www.devexpress.com/Support/Center/ and open a support ticket.
Then come back here and mention the ticket number so that Mark (and fans of CodeRush and dx) and his support team can help you. In my 11 years of using devexpress universal, CodeRush is the one product that always just works unless you have some settings problems in visual studio. 
20 September 2019
Mark Miller (DevExpress)
Mark Miller (DevExpress)


Try running the CodeRush Setup Wizard from the CodeRush menu (which might be in the Extensions menu depending on your VS version). On the templates page, choose the template expansion option you recognize (Tab key or Spacebar) and then continue hitting Next until you reach the last page and click Finish,

Let me know if that works.

20 September 2019
Alan Middleton 1
Alan Middleton
Love Coderush and the new CodeMap you have now! Great tool for Visual studio - But, is there any news of it coming to the VS Code IDE - Would love the codemap feature in VSCode.
27 September 2019

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