CodeRush - 2020 Roadmap

Here's what you can expect from the IDE Tools Team in 2020:

CodeRush in Visual Studio

CodeRush for Visual Studio continues to improve and evolve. In 2020 we expect to focus on quality and performance, and introduce a number of clever functional improvements all around.

  • Performance and stability. We want to improve our ability to diagnose and reproduce issues. We want to improve UI performance so dialogs, windows, and menus all appear much faster, and the product feels more instantaneous and responsive across the board.
  • Improve feedback collection. We are building diagnostics into CodeRush that can detect performance issues and collect additional data that can help us make CodeRush even faster. As always, you get to decide if you want to send us that Non-personally Identifiable Information (NPII), but if you do, we're going to make sending diagnostics data easier than ever.
  • Code analysis improvements
  • Port missing refactorings from CodeRush Classic
  • Visual and Navigational Improvements to Code Places
  • Nav Mode (faster/easier/visual code navigation)
In addition to these directions, our intention is to continue to stay on top of customer requests, integrating popular requests (or really great ideas) into each sprint.

Speaking of sprints, the CodeRush team will continue to release a new version of CodeRush every thirty days or so.

Ventures into VS Code

As you may have seen with our release of RushNav a few months ago, we are spending some time playing in the VS Code space. We're looking to push these efforts further in 2020, with the following functionality (possibly) appearing in one or more future DevExpress extensions for VS Code:

  • TypeScript/Javascript refactorings
  • Templates and Code Snippets for popular frameworks such as Angular, Blazor, and React.
  • C# refactorings
  • Rich Comments and Image Embedding
  • TypeScript/Javascript code analysis

CodeRush Server

CodeRush Server is also expected to get some love in the form of the following:

  • Port to .NET Standard
  • Continue to improve code analysis with new CodeRush diagnostics
  • Usability improvements

If you have any questions about our 2020 Roadmap or if you’d like to discuss your development needs further, please post a comment below. We’ll be happy to follow up.

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