.NET MAUI — Hot Reload Support

The most recent update of our .NET MAUI Controls (v22.2) ships with Visual Studio Hot Reload support – a feature many of you requested in our August survey. As a result of this update, you can now view changes to XAML code in a running app, without having to rebuild and redeploy your project. 

All DevExpress .NET MAUI UI Controls support Visual Studio’s Hot Reload feature. The following animation demonstrates hot reload when using our DXCollectionView component: 

When implementing Hot Reload support, we encountered a few platform-related limitations. For more information about these limitations, refer to the following help topic: XAML Hot Reload Support.

The most noticeable limitation involves DataTemplates – as they are not automatically reloaded (see this GitHub issue for additional information). Please note: You can bypass this limitation - simply comment and uncomment DataTemplate markup to apply changes to a running app: 

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