DevExpress .NET MAUI Free Offer — YouTube Review by Gerald Versluis

If you are using Microsoft’s latest development platform, chances are you know Gerald Versluis and you’ve seen some of his videos on YouTube. If not, we recommend that you follow him, as we do here at DevExpress.

And since we do follow him, we were excited to see a video about DevExpress .NET MAUI Controls and our current promotional offer that allows you to obtain those controls free-of-charge. Here’s Gerald’s video – enjoy…

We want to thank Gerald for his comprehensive review of our .NET MAUI offer, included controls, and our online documentation.

We also hope that this video gives you an extra nudge to try our controls. If you are targeting MAUI or planning a future MAUI-based project, review our free offer details below. You can still get all DevExpress .NET MAUI Controls free and see if they would be a good fit for your application.

Free Offer – DevExpress .NET MAUI Controls

As Gerald describes in his video, it’s easy to get started with our free offer. Anyone is eligible – we don’t require any previous engagement with DevExpress. All you need to do is create an account on our website – just a basic email and password registration, no credit card required. An existing account also works – simply login and press Register.

Register Today

Once you have completed the steps on the registration page, you’ll get access to the following .NET MAUI UI controls:

  • MAUI Data Grid
  • MAUI Scheduler
  • MAUI Chart Control
  • MAUI Collection View
  • MAUI Data Form and Editors
  • MAUI TabView Control

The only thing that usually accompanies our controls but not included in this free offer is technical support. At this time, only our Universal Subscription customers can use official support channels to contact our .NET MAUI Team.

On the other hand, our online documentation is available to everyone. We did our best to construct easy-to-follow Getting Started guides and document available API.

Online Documentation

Note: this is a limited-time offer. Expiration date and other offer-related information is listed on the registration page and in our End-User License Agreement.

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