WinForms File Dialogs with Skin/Theme Support (v17.2)

16 December 2017

Our most recent release included something we’ve been asked about for quite a long time…With v17.2, you can now incorporate our custom file dialogs within your WinForms desktop apps.

You may be asking what’s the big deal and if they are any better than standard dialogs. The reason we implemented them, much like the reason we have implemented many smaller controls like buttons or group boxes, is not necessarily to add functionality, but first of all to make sure your applications look consistent, whatever the theme or skin the application's end-users choose.

As an example, if you were to use a standard Shell dialog in an application with a dark theme enabled, you'd see something like shown in the following image:

WinForms Standard Save File Dialog

With v17.2, you can replace the standard dialog with the DevExpress version thus providing a visually consistent UI:

WinForms Standard Save File Dialog

In addition to the Save File and Open File, we also ship the Folder Browser dialog shown below:

WinForms Standard Save File Dialog

And as you might expect, the API is very easy to use as it closely resembles that of standard dialogs. Refer to WinForms and WPF documentation articles to learn more about these, as well as other DevExpress counterparts for standard UI elements that make up your applications.

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