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Reporting - Enhancements, Documentation Updates and Tips & Tricks (April - May 2020)
Word Processing - Character Spacing Options, Wrapped Tables and Custom XML Parts (v20.1)
.NET Spreadsheet – New File Format, Enhanced Printing and PDF Export (v20.1)
WinForms - Tips & Tricks (May 2020)
Office File API & Office-Inspired Desktop UI Controls – Tips & Tricks (May 2020)
Charts (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, MVC, .NET Core) – API enhancements (v20.1)
XAF - Permissions for UI Actions and Security System for non-XAF Apps Powered by Entity Framework Core 3 (v20.1)
WinForms and WPF Maps – Vector Tile Providers (v20.1)
Word Processing API - Footnotes and Endnotes (v20.1)
WinForms Data Grid and Tree List - Hovered Row Appearance
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