DevExpress v23.1 — What You Can Expect in Our Most Recent Release (Across our .NET/.NET Core/JavaScript Product Line)

27 June 2023

As you may already know, we recently released our bi-annual major update across our entire product line - v23.1. As always, the new release strengthens and optimizes our product lines and introduces new controls and capabilities across a variety of platforms.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank you for your continued support. We are grateful to our beta testers and everyone who took the time to complete our online surveys (or those who simply contacted us with feedback on DevExpress products and services).

Download and Install v23.1 Today

If you own an active subscription, simply log in to the DevExpress Download Manager and select the latest release. Everyone else can explore the newest DevExpress products and capabilities by downloading a free 30-day trial version.

DevExpress v23.1 - .NET, JavaScript, and VCL Controls

What's New in v23.1

A complete What's New page is available at In this blog post, we'll keep the list brief and only mention a few enhancements for each platform:

.NET 7 Support

  • Drawing Library for non-Windows Environments (RTM)

WinForms Controls

  • Vector Skins - Synchronization with Windows Settings
  • Lookup Control - Multiple Item Selection
  • Gantt - Timeline Integration
  • Ribbon - New Office 365 Style

WPF Controls

  • New Step Progress Bar Control
  • New Date Range Control
  • Grid - Search/Filter Controls in Column Headers
  • Performance Enhancements / Lightweight Themes - Faster App Startup and View Switch, Lower Memory Use, Optimized Shell Dialogs

JavaScript / ASP.NET Core Controls

  • New Date Range Box Component
  • Header Filter Customization in Grid, TreeList, PivotGrid, Gantt
  • Charts - Support for Color Gradients and Patterns
  • DevExtreme UI Templates - Scheduler View, User Profile, Login Forms, Dark/Light Switch

Blazor Controls

  • New Radio Button and Radio Group Controls
  • New Loading Panel and Wait Indicator Components
  • Modal Window - Move and Resize Support
  • Grid - Fixed Columns, Header Filter, Virtual Scrolling, Auto-Generated Cell Editors, and Keyboard Support CTP


  • .NET MAUI Support
  • Streamlined First Page Load and Async Search in Web Viewer
  • Support for WebAssembly, Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) Compilation, and .NET MAUI Blazor

BI Dashboard

  • Trend Indicators in Chart Items
  • Custom Styles for Conditional Formatting (Web)

Office File API

  • .NET MAUI Support
  • Threaded Comments in Spreadsheets
  • Word Documents - Embedded Fonts

.NET MAUI Controls

  • New Bottom Sheet Control
  • New Form, Group, Picker, Check, and Toggle Switch Controls
  • New Shimmer Control
  • New Edit Forms and API for CRUD Operations
  • New Filtering UI in DataGridView and CollectionView

eXpressApp Framework (XAF)

  • EF Core 7 Support
  • WinForms UI - Middle Tier Security for EF Core
  • Blazor UI - New Scheduler Module
  • Blazor UI - Runtime Detail View Layout Customization
  • Blazor UI - Filter Editor, Find Panel, and Column Header Filters

Web API Service

  • Swagger Schema Support
  • .NET MAUI and Blazor WebAssembly Examples

And So Much More

Visit to see the complete list.

Your Feedback Matters

Once again, we'd like to thank you for your business and for being a part of DevExpress developer community. Should you have any questions or feedback about our latest release, don't hesistate to contact us.

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