Rich Text Editor and RTL Support – Status Update

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28 November 2018

The DevExpress Rich Text Editor and Word Processing File API now offers right-to-left text direction support. When we announced this feature in our v18.2 release cycle, we noted a few remaining issues with our implementation. In this short blog post, we’ll detail what we’ve addressed thus far and what we plan to implement in upcoming builds.

Fixed Issues

The following are known issues that will be fixed in v18.2.4:

  • Improved table layout support (including correct column order, nested tables and cell borders appearance).
  • Caret navigation and selection enhancements.
  • Correct text direction during clipboard operations.
  • Fixed problems encountered during keyboard input.

What's Next

Right now, we are working on scenarios related to undo/redo operations in bidirectional paragraphs. We will do our best to fix these issues in our v18.2.5 build.

Issues that Remain Unresolved

During research, we found several cases where numbers separated with punctuation marks are arranged incorrectly. Due to confusing standards, our behavior in such scenarios differs from that of Microsoft Word. This issue requires additional resources and information from customers. We do not expect to fix this issue in the near future.

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