.NET Word Processing - Encryption, Enhanced Language Support and Skinned Dialogs (v19.1)

The DevExpress Rich Text Editor and Word Processing Document API (v19.1) ship with a number of new rendering, file export and security related features.


Our WinForms and WPF Rich Text Editor and Word Processing Document API allow you to load and save password encrypted DOCX and DOC files. The controls and API support both standard and agile encryption. You can handle new events to control the decryption process. Use the EncryptionSettings object to export a password protected document in code, as shown below:

EncryptionSettings encryptionSettings = new EncryptionSettings();
encryptionSettings.Type = EncryptionType.Strong;
encryptionSettings.Password = "12345";

richTextProcessor.SaveDocument(stream, documentFormat, encryptionSettings);

The DevExpress Rich Text Editor for WinForms and WPF ships with new encryption related User Interface elements.

Note: We also updated the encryption functionality in our Spreadsheet control (added new SaveDocument method overloads and new EncryptedFilePasswordCheckFailed event).

East-Asian Languages Enhancements

This release includes new paragraph alignment options for East-Asian languages (Distributed and Thai Distributed). These alignment types distribute text evenly between right and left margins (based on language specifics: for example, tone and vowel symbols). The Rich Text Editor (WinForms and WPF) displays new UI elements based upon the language packs installed on a given machine.

Our Word Processing Document API and Rich Text Editor allow you to change paragraph alignment in code. The code sample below demonstrates how to use the Alignment property to specify Distributed alignment:

ParagraphProperties pp = document.BeginUpdateParagraphs(range);

// Change paragraph alignment
pp.Alignment = ParagraphAlignment.Distributed; 

PDF Export Enhancements

v19.1 includes the following PDF file export enhancements:

  1. We expanded the number of supported embedded fonts. You can now embed both TrueType and OpenType fonts (containing PostScript Type 1 outlines).
  2. We upgraded export for non-embedded fonts. Our PDF export engine now uses Unicode code points to export symbols that are not included in the Adobe Glyph List.

Skinned Dialogs

Our WinForms Rich Text Editor now supports skinned Open File and Save File dialogs.

Use the WindowsFormsSettings.UseDXDialogs option on application startup to enable skinned dialogs.

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