Office-Inspired UI Components and File API – Tips & Tricks (September-October 2019)

Office-Inspired Products
01 November 2019

We’ve compiled a short list of interesting support tickets we answered in September-October timeframe. We hope you find these tickets of value as you integrate our Office-inspired desktop controls and our File API library (DOC, XLS, PDF) in your next .NET project.

Tips & Tricks


If you’ve come across a support ticket that might be of interest to the rest of the DevExpress developer community, feel free to post a comment below. As always, we thank you for your business and continued support.

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With the latest version the richedit (Word Processing is still crashing at any time. It seems that when the cursor is move too fast, the control does not react anymore and just close the application without any errors being triggered.

This is a ongoing problem probably connected to the clip board issue when importing data.

Also adding an image using the clipboard does not work properly, the image is not saved but when importing the image using the add image feature, the image is properly stored.

22 January 2020

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