Word Processing API - Footnotes and Endnotes (v20.1)

As you may already know, the DevExpress Word Processing API and Rich Text Editor (WinForms and WPF) can now process footnotes and endnotes. Documents with footnotes/endnotes can also be printed and exported to PDF.

The new Note API allows you to execute the following actions:

  • Manage existing footnotes/endnotes
  • Create new footnotes/endnotes
  • Edit footnote/endnote separators
  • Change footnote/endnote appearance

Manage Existing Notes

You can access existing footnotes/endnotes, edit content and delete them when necessary.

The following code sample edits a footnote:

static void EditFootNote(RichEditDocumentServer wordProcessor)
    Document document = wordProcessor.Document;

    //Access the first footnote:
    SubDocument footnote = document.Footnotes[0].BeginUpdate();

    //Exclude the reference mark and the space after it 
    //from the edit range:
    DocumentRange footnoteTextRange = 
    footnote.CreateRange(footnote.Range.Start.ToInt() + 2, footnote.Range.Length
        - 2);

    //Clear the range:

    //Append new text:
    footnote.AppendText("the text is removed");

    //Finalize the update:

Create New Notes

You can create new footnotes/endnotes with a regular or custom reference mark.

static void InsertEndnotes(RichEditDocumentServer wordProcessor)
    Document document = wordProcessor.Document;

    //Insert an endnote at the end of the last paragraph:
    DocumentPosition endnotePosition = 
    document.CreatePosition(document.Paragraphs[document.Paragraphs.Count - 1].Range.End.ToInt() - 1);

    //Insert an endnote at the end of 
    //the second to last paragraph with a custom mark:
    DocumentPosition endnoteWithCustomMarkPosition = 
    document.CreatePosition(document.Paragraphs[document.Paragraphs.Count - 2].Range.End.ToInt() - 2);
    document.Endnotes.Insert(endnoteWithCustomMarkPosition, "\u002a");

Edit Note Separators

You can access and edit footnote and endnote separators. Our word processing components support the following separator types:

  • Separator - separates footnotes/endnotes from the main text.
  • Continuation Separator - separates the main text from footnotes/endnotes that continue from the previous page.
  • Continuation Notice - indicates that the footnote/endnote continues on the next page.

The following code clears the footnote separator:

static void EditSeparator(RichEditDocumentServer wordProcessor)
    Document document = wordProcessor.Document;

    //Check whether the footnotes already have a separator:
    if (document.Footnotes.HasSeparator(NoteSeparatorType.Separator))
        //Initiate the update session:
        SubDocument noteSeparator = 

        //Clear the separator range:

        //Finalize the update:

Change Note Appearance

You can change note location on a page and reference mark format.

using (RichEditDocumentServer wordProcessor = new RichEditDocumentServer())
    Document document = wordProcessor.Document;
    //Show endnotes at the end of each section:
    document.EndnotePosition = EndnotePosition.EndOfSection;

    foreach (Section section in document.Sections)
         //Change footnote reference format:
        EndnoteOptions endnoteOptions = section.EndnoteOptions;
        endnoteOptions.NumberingFormat = NumberingFormat.CardinalText;
        endnoteOptions.StartNumber = 3;

        //Change endnote reference format and display it below text:
        FootnoteOptions footnoteOptions = section.FootnoteOptions;
        footnoteOptions.NumberingFormat = NumberingFormat.UpperRoman;
        footnoteOptions.StartNumber = 5;
        footnoteOptions.Position = FootnotePosition.BelowText;

 Complete code sample projects are available on GitHub:


Our current footnote/endnote implementation ships with the following limitations:

  • No user interface elements to insert and remove notes. This is on our ToDo list and we are working hard to deliver it in our upcoming release cycle.
  • Notes split across multiple columns are displayed in a single column.

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