Word Processing: WinForms, WPF, Office File API - Layout Rendering Enhancements (v20.2)

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16 December 2020

As you may already know, our Word Processing File API, WinForms RTF and WPF RTF controls now offer improved document layout accuracy (to better mirror Microsoft Word 2013 and higher). These v20.2 enhancements affect both table layout and paragraph alignment. 

Table Layout Enhancements

Table Width Calculation

In previous versions of our Word Processing Document API and Rich Text editors (WinForms and WPF), table content was aligned with a document’s main body text. This could extend table width outside page or column margins.

To address this issue, we modified our table width calculation engine to mirror that of Microsoft Word 2013 and higher. Table content is now aligned with table width and does not extend the table.

Set the CompatibilitySettings.CompatibilityMode property to Mode14 or lower to revert to our previous table width calculation engine. DevExpress Word Processing products (File API, WinForms, WPF) now use this property value when rendering documents with tables (and during print or PDF export operations).

Allow Row to Break Across Pages

The Break Across Pages option defines whether to move the entire table row to the next page. You can now specify this option in code and via the control’s user interface:

Keep with Next and Widow/Orphan Control

Our Word Processing Document API and Rich Text Editor for WinForms and WPF now apply the following options when they display, print, and export (to PDF) documents with table paragraphs:

Keep with Next

Keeps multiple paragraphs together so that they remain on the same page. This option should be enabled for the first paragraph in the table cell.

Widow/Orphan Control

Prevents the first or last paragraph line from appearing at the bottom or top of a page.

Justify Paragraph Alignment

When a word does not fit on a line and hyphenation is disabled, the entire word is moved to the next line. In previous versions, the Rich Text Editor and Word Processing Document API expanded space in the original line to populate empty space.

Our Rich Text Editor and Word Processing Document API (v20.2) now tries to decrease space in the line to leave the last word in place.

Set the CompatibilitySettings.CompatibilityMode property to Mode14 or lower to revert to previous behavior. Please note that our line length calculation differs from Microsoft Word. As such, you may encounter paragraph alignment differences.

Your Feedback Matters

As always, we welcome your thoughts. Please comment below and let us know what you think about these layout rendering enhancements. Should you have technical questions, feel free to contact us via the DevExpress Support Center.

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Really great features ! Was needed from our users.

Please consider winform control features to be aligned with web control (asp.net core or blazor)

There are currently many features such as shapes and others that are not supported in WEB which makes the control not very usable. 

16 December 2020
Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress)
Vladimir Frizen (DevExpress)
Hi Isa,

Thank you for your feedback.
Currently, our team is working on Rich Text Editor for Blazor. After that, we will consider adding new features to Web Rich Text Editor if the community requires them. I appreciate if you share other RichEdit features that you require for your application.


11 January 2021
VZ VermögensZentrum

These are features we miss in RichEdit.Export. To be precise, we currently have a problem exporting Docx to PDF. The settings from Word (keep paragraph together) will not be adopted. Will this version also fix the problem?

1 February 2021
Alex B.G. (DevExpress)
Alex B.G. (DevExpress)


Can you please elaborate?

If you mean the "Keep Lines together" option for a paragraph, the DevExpress Word Processing API has supported this setting for quite a long time. We are not aware of any issues in this regard.

If you're talking about the "Keep with next" setting that applies to paragraphs in table cells, then I can tell you that v20.2 improves our APIs capabilities in this regard. You can read more about these improvements in this blog post.

If you're still experiencing issues with our components, please share your “problematic” document with the DevExpress Support Team. I’m certain we can figure out the underlying cause of the issue.

2 February 2021

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