React Data Grid v1.1.0 is available

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15 March 2018

A little while ago we announced React Grid version 1.0. We talked about plans back then, and today we introduce version 1.1.0, the first minor update that contains the most requested features.


Our new TypeScript definitions are the first big feature to mention. We hope this support helps you to build high-quality React applications faster.

TypeScript Support

Bootstrap 4

One of the most popular frameworks in the HTML/JS front-end space is Bootstrap, so it was a high priority for us to support the new version 4 quickly. Starting with v1.1.0, React Grid supports Bootstrap 4. If Bootstrap is your preferred UI toolkit, check out our new package dx-react-grid-bootstrap4.

Bootstrap 4

Table Customization

In this update we have added the ability to customize the appearance of the table element. Just pass your own component to the tableComponent property on the Table plugin to take advantage of this. For instance, this component renders Bootstrap striped rows by changing the class name:

const TableComponent = ({ ...restProps }) => (
  <Table.Table {...restProps} className="table-striped" />

Table Customization

Integrated Search Panel

A simple and common feature that allows searching in all columns. The functionality is provided by the new SearchPanel plug-in.

Integrated Search Panel

Column-Specific Settings

In this update we have implemented a pattern that allows you to enable plug-in features for specific columns. At this time, state-management plugins (SortingState, GroupingState, FilteringState, EditingState and TableColumnVisibility) support this approach. The usage is quite simple:

  columnExtensions={[{ columnName: 'car', sortingEnabled: false }]}

For other plug-ins, the columnExtensions syntax is the same. You can find details about the specific extension properties on the plug-in documentation pages, for instance here for the SortingState plug-in, and here for TableColumnVisibility.

What’s next

The goal of this post was to highlight the “biggest” new features. Please refer to our Changelog to see the full list of changes.

We are already busy making the React Grid even better - new features are in progress as this post is published.

It is very important to us to hear about any feedback you have. Please share your thoughts here!

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