DX Press “Complete the Tweet” Contest

Our bi-monthly newsletter is shipped out to all of our customers to keep you abreast of the latest DevExpress announcements, news items and community news. We’re always keen to hear what you think about what we’re up to and how the DevExpress products are progressing, and we like to have a little fun with it along the way …

This fortnight’s newsletter sees the first of our DX Press “Complete the Tweet” contests.

We’ve got TEN $25.00 iTunes vouchers to give away (and the equivalent for those outside of the US, don’t worry we’ve not forgotten about you). We’re looking for your real-life, comedy outtake, bacon-saving, jaw-dropping colleagues’ comments on your favourite DevExpress products.

Here’s the format:Twitter Bird Image

1) Complete the tweet “ [ProductX] is my favourite DX product because …”
2) Tag your tweet #DXCTT1 (if you don’t tag it, we can’t find it, and if we can’t find it your tweet genius can’t win)
3) Members of our DX Squad will pick their favourite 10 tweets to win
4) Entries can be submitted up to and including Monday 28th September. We’ll announce the winners in issue 12 of DX Press - the DevExpress newsletter

Remember, your tweet can be ground-breaking, searing insights into why XtraReports rock your world, or they can be off the wall, life-saving stories of how the ExpressQuantumGrid made you your millions … make the DevExpress team laugh, make us think, and make us talk about your tweet!

Good luck everyone, we’re looking forward to your tweets!

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Joe Hendricks

It's been fun meeting both devexpress staff and devexpress community members on Twitter!

Mine - twitter.com/SurveyRunners

26 September 2009

You may remember that 2 weeks ago we launched the first “Complete the Tweet” contest as part

7 October 2009

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