DevExpress Meetup: Thanks for joining us in London!

Thank you to everyone who came out to join us at the DevExpress Meetup in London. We had such a lovely evening spending time talking to you about your experiences with DevExpress and getting into the festive spirit.

Rory Becker surrounded by customersI’m sure that you will agree that The Cartoon Museum is a unique and quirky place, full of charm and irreverence! We were very grateful to have the excellent professional assistance of the team from Fizz UK. Their staff were absolutely smashing and did a great job for us. I am sure you will join me in saying a huge thank you to them for their time and wonderful service.

We had some really interesting conversations during the evening and we’d like to say thank you to those of you who shared experiences, feedback and ideas with us, and also with one another too! We’d love to hear your feedback about the event, so please do get in touch with Oliver, Rory or me and let us know what you thought, or feel free to leave your feedback in the comments.

Oliver Sturm with customers at the DevExpress Meetup in LondonOver the coming weeks and months we will start preparing for our releases in 2018, and we will be offering you ways to be a part of that process. Keep an eye out for information on that!

All that I have left to say is I wish you all a very happy festive season and all the best for the coming year.

Merry Christmas!  

Join the festive fun at our London meetup this week

Hot on the heels of our European colleagues’ meetups, Oliver, Rory and I will be zipping to London on Wednesday, 6th December.

We are excited to be hosting our UK meetup at The Cartoon Museum in Bloomsbury! It’s a fabulous and unique spot near The British Museum, and we really hope that you will be there to join us. 

You can RSVP via our Eventbrite page and join us. We’ll have a festive welcome drink, as well as the usual beer, wine and nibbles for you to enjoy. The museum are even keeping their gift shop open for you to purchase any little Christmas odds and ends that you might like Smile 

Eventbrite - DevExpress London Meetup

We’ll introduce you to some of the improvements and enhancements in our latest v17.2 release, but most of all we will be looking forward to chatting, laughing, and sharing a relaxed evening with you all as well as catching up on what you have been achieving with DevExpress in your development over the last twelve months.

We had a wonderful time meeting you all at conferences and events this year. Please help us to round off 2017 with a festive flourish, by joining us for this completely free get-together at The Cartoon Museum on Wednesday, 6th December from 6.30pm.

Don’t forget to register - we look forward to seeing you there! 



Northern hospitality at the DevExpress Meetup in Leeds

Thank you so much to those who came along to the DevExpress Meetup in Leeds last night. We all had a great time. The beer flowed and the buffet was terrific. I perhaps shouldn’t have eaten as much of the deep-fried cheese as I did, but what the heck … it’s Christmas Smile 

Rory with CustomersI’m sure all of those who joined Rory, Oliver and I at The Brewery Tap would join me in extending a thank you to our lovely barman, Phil. He kept every glass filled and had a smile and cheery word for everyone, despite being so busy in the downstairs bar! Thanks Phil!

I have thoroughly enjoyed our UK meetups, and having the opportunity to meet so many of you and listen to your experiences and better understand your day-to-day trials as developers. It has been very eye-opening for me, as well as hugely enjoyable. I hope that 2017 will bring many more opportunities for us to see you in-person and have more conversations.

One conversation really stood out for me at our get-together in Leeds, and that was with one of our customers who has recently made a huge leap from an older version of the DevExpress suite to bring themselves bang up-to-date with version 16. The excitement, passion, flow of ideas and desire to create something incredible for their end-users was a delight. To see the explosion of creativity that our products had made to that team was very inspiring. I can only hope that the release of v16.2 has provoked similar responses from other DevExpress customers.

Oliver with customersRory with a local DevExpress user

To all our customers who came out to see us in person, or who reached out to express an interest in meeting up, thank you. We are very humbled to have such engaged and supportive users.

Our meetups for 2016 are now over, but I hope to see many more of you in 2017.

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy festive season and prosperous New Year!

Counting down to the DevExpress Meetup in Leeds

After a fantastic meetup in London last week, Rory, Oliver and I will be heading up to Leeds to enjoy the company of our customers from the Northern region.

On Wednesday 14th December we’ll be meeting in The Brewery Tap, conveniently situated right next to Leeds Train Station. Once again we’ll be enjoying some drinks and a fun festive buffet. We’d love for you to join us to chat about your experiences and share your feedback with both us and other like-minded folks at the get-together.

We’re going to be laying on a free buffet, so it would really help us if you could register on our Eventbrite page to let us know that you are coming. If you’d like to bring friends or colleagues that you think would be interested in talking to us, please register them too.

It’s not long now until the festive season really gets into full swing, so come and join us, and let’s get into the festive spirit!

Eventbrite - DevExpress Leeds Meetup

An evening of festive fun at the DevExpress Meetup in London

Thank you so much to the customers, friends and fans who braved the London crowds to come and join Rory, Oliver, Don and myself at Ye Olde Watling Pub for the inaugural UK DevExpress Meetup. We all had a wonderful time and it was absolutely fantastic to meet and talk to so many of you, especially during this busy festive season.

Don and Friends at the DevExpress Meetup in LondonI am sure those of you that were there would join me in extending a big thank you to Jackie for looking after us and coming to the rescue when our Old Spots started to smoke in the tureen! Nothing weird for those who weren’t present, just our delicious sausages getting a bit too much of a smoking.

Rory, Don, Oliver and I were very grateful to have the opportunity to mix with such a friendly, engaged and passionate group of DevExpress users. Rory told Don and I, as we walked to catch the tube, that he had tried to find people who had something negative to report to us but he kept receiving positive feedback from happy people. I don’t think that many companies could bring together a group of customers and not get one bad comment all night. We are blown away by that kind of support from our customers.

Rachel and DevExpress MVP Robert AndersonIt was a pleasure to meet one of our UK-based DevExpress MVPs, Robert Anderson. I wish I could explain why I look so pained in the picture that was captured of us mid-conversation, but I honestly have no idea. Captions in the comments please!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with our DevExpress MVPs, take a moment to visit the webpage and learn a little more about them. They are users, just like you, but they go an extra mile or more to help other users get the most from their DevExpress experience. Some of them are available for consultancy opportunities, so please do connect with them.

If you want to join us at the next DevExpress Meetup in the UK, we’ll be in Leeds on Wednesday 14th December at The Brewery Tap. We’d love to see you there.



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